Morning Playbook – The Pac-12 Network is on the air!

Pac-12 Network studio hosts Mike Yam and Ashley Adamson welcomed viewers to the new network Tuesday.

The Pac-12 Network is now on the air and that means more college football television coverage, where available. Here at Crystal Ball Run we are all about more college football on television, and honestly, who would be against that? The network has the likes of Rick Neuheisel and Summer Sanders on the staff and with a unique approach to running the networks, everybody will be paying attention to how it all runs moving forward. It is a big difference from launch day and June 18, 2013 when the initial sizzle may have fizzled.

Not everybody has the Pac-12 Network as of yet (including Washington State University), which should not be a significant surprise considering there are some towns in the Big Ten footprint without Big Ten Network five years after launch. DirecTV customers took to Twitter to complain about not having the new network. The network follows in the footsteps of the Big Ten Network and with Larry Scott leading the way seems to have a bright future. But before we get too excited about it all, ESPN's Kristi Dosh asks if it will last and's Dennis Dodd says take a chill pill.

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Say hello to one of our new writers, John Walters. His first contribution to the site suggests Rick Reilly give back some of his not-so-hard-earned money to help pay some aspiring writers who seem to care more about their craft right now.

We kind of assumed that former Penn State coach Joe Paterno didn't have many friends on the board of trustees last November. Not after he was informed of his termination with somebody stopping by with a note with a phone number to call. But the excerpts from Joe Posnanski's upcoming biography of Paterno confirm that he had no friends at all. Posnanski's book will be released next week. It should be interesting, to say the least.

You have to be pretty dedicated to go through the time and money to get a tattoo covering your back, but of course Alabama fans are among the most loyal fans in all of college football. This Alabama fan claims to Busted Coverage to have spent $1,700 for three separate sessions totaling 10.5 hours to have this ink job done in honor of his favorite team. Roll Tide!

So, Florida State and Clemson are still in the ACC. Now the ACC can focus on future survival and prosperity writes Chadd Scott.

Some teams cool off by taking a dip in the pool. Southern Mississippi chooses to have the local fire department hose them off.

Not surprisingly, interest is high for Tyrann Mathieu. LSU says at least 20 schools have inquired about his services.

Reggie Bush has returned his Heisman Trophy.

Think you have what it takes to play college football? Think you can show your stuff off and make a team? If so, New Mexico is looking for you to walk-on.

Central Florida is appealing their NCAA sanctions suggesting the NCAA went beyond what was supported by facts. Penn State fans give the McKayla Maroney to Central Florida's argument. North Carolina fans are also listening.

Texas A&M has named Johnny Manziel their starting quarterback. Colorado has named Kansas-transfer Jordan Webb the starting quarterback for the Buffaloes this season.

Meanwhile Maryland starting quarterback C.J. Brown is done for the season. Randy Edsall could really use Danny O'Brien now.

Some uniform news from the MAC. First we got a better look at the black helmets to be worn by UMass this year. Second we take a look at the various uniforms to be worn by Central Michigan, which does include an all-black alternate.

You know what Mississippi State needs? More cowbell.

Tweet of the Day

Our friend Mark Ennis, from Big East Coast Bias, recently gave us all regular updates on his travel frustrations with Delta on his way home from Big East media day. While we felt bad for him as he struggled to get back home you have to admit his Twitter updates were somewhat entertaining as he pestered the Delta Airlines customer service Twitter feed.

Last night we discovered that Ennis is one of many not receiving the Pac-12 Network. Where else to go for help than Delta?

The best part is Delta failed to pick up on the sarcasm of the tweet…

To find out if you receive the Pac-12 Network in your area, use the channel finder.

Video of the Day

The Pac-12 Network officially launched yesterday, but we already touched on that. With the launch of the network will come extra digital content, with an iPad app on the way. Some of the extra content we can expect to see will include exclusive clips from around the Pac-12, with this short look at USC practice being the first of many clips we can expect to see.

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