Morning Playbook – Steve Spurrier reminds you that rivalry never dies

Let’s go! Or if you are Craig James, back to the drawing board

SEC meetings are underway this week and plenty of good stuff is coming out of the meetings, from playoff and expansion talk to the typical Steve Spurrier one-liners.

Spurrier, asked about Florida State being picked number one by Phil Steele, reacted in typical Spurrier fashion. “They were last year too.” Unfortunately, Spurrier is misinformed on this one, as Oklahoma was Steele’s preseason number one last year. Spurrier is also continuing to sell his idea that only division games should count in the SEC division standings. Of course he would. The Gamecocks were undefeated last season against SEC East competition, but finished second behind the Georgia Bulldogs. Naturally, Mark Richt feels differently on the subject.

“I think every man has a right to his opinion,” Richt said. “If it gets changed, then good for him, I guess, this year. I don’t know if he’d feel that way every year, but [based on last season] he’d probably feel good about it.

Alabama’s Nick Saban says he is tired of “self-absorbed people who are worried about how it affects their circumstance or their league rather than what’s best for college football,” which seemed like a clear shot at Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany, without mentioning any names. As you might have already guessed, the coaches of the SEC are in favor of a four-team playoff plan that includes the four best teams in the nation, regardless of conference affiliation.

On the topic of future championship game details, the site of the new championship game may not be bid on solely by the bowl games, but by the potential host cities. Think of it like the Super Bowl, where Miami, New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Dallas and so on will all place bids for the big game. A national championship game in Cowboys Stadium cannot be far behind, can it?

Speaking of realignment, Florida State Board of Trustees chairman Andy Haggard has opened his mouth once again, this time to say that no contact has been made by the Big 12 to the university about a potential invite.

In yesterday’s edition of the morning playbook we briefly mentioned Iowa quarterback James Vandenberg, the bear hunter. Aaron followed up on that story with some more thoughts later in the day.

Take a video tour of the new football facilities at Mississippi State, currently under construction. Seems impressive.

What is former Penn State defensive coordinator and interim head coach Tom Bradley up to? He has been a regularly featured guest on SiriusXM Sports’ College Football Playbook show. Yesterday he discussed the late Bill Stewart and recruiting services.

The latest Fulmer Cup update has been posted over at Every Day Should Be Saturday. Arkansas still maintains a solid lead.

Former SMU quarterback Kyle Padron has transfered to Eastern Washington.

Here is a list of what type of field each school plays on, in case you were wondering.

Video highlights from the 1916 Rose Bowl.

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