Morning Playbook – Tyrann Mathieu goes to rehab

Every morning I put together the Morning Playbook.   Here I try to do so with a light heart while sharing some stories that tend to fly under the radar and covering some of the top college football news.. However, this is one I feel is a bit more serious in tone than usual. One of Crystal Ball Run’s favorite players, Tyrann Mathieu, is reportedly heading to a drug rehab center, and there’s never anything to joke about when you get on this topic.

FOX 8, the FOX affiliate in New Orleans, reports that Mathieu and his family have agreed to place the defensive play maker in a drug rehab center in Houston instead transferring to another school to play football this fall or sticking at LSU to attend classes. I can only imagine how difficult of a decision this was for one of the game’s top players, but clearly it seems as though Mathieu is placing his priorities in the right order here.   That is something we should all get behind.

I do not have any personal connections to drug rehab so I can only go off of what I see on television, and not just Celebrity Rehab. I know enough to know that this will be a tough journey for Mathieu. I’ll take the time now to wish him the best of luck with his recovery and on behalf of the entire Crystal Ball Run staff we hope to see him get past his issues, clean up his life and get back to doing what we enjoy watching him do if he feels it still suits him. 

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Unless you were exploring Mars yesterday and sending images back to NASA you likely caught a glimpse ofNotre Dame’s Shamrock Series uniform for this season. Actually, word spread so quickly perhaps it made its way to Mars as well. Our newest member of the team, John Walters, provided his reaction just a day after taking a crack at Rick Reilly’s column on Notre Dame.

Personally, my opinion of the Notre Dame uniforms is that, until you get to the helmet  they are actuallly pretty nice.  McKayla Maroney, what are your thoughts? Also, while we are on the topic of Notre Dame, Athletics Director Jack Swarbrick is cool with the Big East’s hire of Michael Aresco.

Speaking of uniforms, it looks as though Oregon will take their Rose Bowl helmet in a green hue this fall.

Remember when the big Joe Paterno news was when he was run over by a wide receiver in practice? Ahh, those were the days. That player was small wide receiver Devon Smith. Smith went on to get in to some legal trouble and Bill O’Brien and the team ended up dismissing Smith from the program before NCAA sanctions and transfers popped up. Well, we learned yesterday that Smith had popped back up on the field, transferring to Marshall.

When exactly does the dream begin for Randy Kendall at Maryland? Another day, another injury, this time to starting safety Matt Robinson, who will miss the next three weeks. He is likely going to be unavailable for the season opener against William & Mary due to  a bum left shoulder.

Former Georgia coach Jim Donnan and a partner raised about $80 million in a Ponzi scheme, so says the SEC Securities and Exchange Commission.

Adam Kramer runs down the rules of tailgating, on Bleacher Report.

It looks as though Idaho is seriously considering giving football independence a shot.

In yesterday’s edition of the Morning Playbook we pointed out the massive tattoo an Alabama fan had inked in honor of the Crimson Tide. We dug a little deeper in to some thoughts on it.

The FBS may be a couple years away from a four team playoff, but the FCS is expanding to a 24-team field, expanding from 20 starting in 2013. Automatic bids to conference champions are expanding, including to the football-only Pioneer League.

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