Petrino takes $550K loss on sale of Fayetteville home

The housing market is struggling. So is Bobby Petrino.

The disgraced former Arkansas coach reportedly added a $550,000 loss on the sale of his Fayetteville home to the things that have gone wrong recently.

To recap Petrino’s missteps: The 51-year-old recruited and hired 25-year-old Jessica Dorrell—considered by most to be no more than a three-star prospect–for a position in the school athletic department that came with special benefits.

He later crashed his Hog’d-out motorcycle while taking a spin with Dorrell, then lied about the details of the accident and was subsequently fired.

Now, that’s quality coaching. 

Since then, Petrino’s been ditching all his Arkansas gear. His banged-up bike is being auctioned off. (The highest bid is $15,000 for the 2007 Harley Davidson Road King that really does say “Hawg Wild” on the side and has an estimated $18,000 worth of damage). His Razorback set of golf clubs showed up at Goodwill, and he dumped an Arkansas lake house as well.

Apparently, he was willling to take a half-a-million-dollar loss on the sale of his house to get out of Fayetteville. The Petrinos, Bobby and wife Becky, purchased the 8,741 square-foot home and 2.88-acre estate in 2008, but recently accepted at $1.7 million offer. 

Crystal Ball Run wishes Petrino safe travels as he hightails it out of Fayetteville, much like we did when he hightailed it out of Atlanta.