Podcast: Bylaw Blog’s John Infante on NCAA Reform

Following the discovery of improprieties in its investigation of Miami's football program, reforming the NCAA has once again become a hot-button issue among the media and punditry. NCAA expert John Infante of the Bylaw Blog athleticscholarships.net joins CBR's Allen Kenney for a podcast to discuss some of the likely outcomes of the NCAA review and vet some of the more radical reform proposals being thrown around in the press.

Allen and John touch on:

*What happened in the Miami case and why it's significant.

*The likely resolution of the NCAA's review of its procedures and policies.

*What would federal regulation of college athletics look like?

*The pros and cons of the "Olympic model" and booster sponsorships for college athletes.

*The faculty response to compensating athletes.

*And more.

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