SEC owns first edition of BCS standings


If you’ve grown weary of hearing about the dominance of the Southeastern Conference, you might want to tune out for the next few weeks of BCS conversation.

The SEC placed four teams in the top seven of the first edition of the rankings, which were released Sunday night. That included the top two in Alabama at No. 1 and Florida at No. 2.

The deepest conference in the country? Arguably the Big 12, which found seven of its 10 teams in the top 25.

And how about that Big Ten? A grand total of zero squads in the top 25. (Of course, Ohio State is sitting out the postseason, courtesy of Terrelle Pryor’s tattoos.)

The first release of the rankings annually produce an inordinate amount of bitching and moaning about the BCS’s work in progress. One thing that seems clear, however: If two power conference teams don’t finish the year undefeated, we’re probably going to see another all-SEC match-up in Miami come January.