The Crystal Ball: Week Twelve

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Hey, I'm no longer the newbie on the staff, yet I'm seeing a pattern develop here… Allen gets the Crystal Ball, does something strange to it (get your minds out of the gutters guys!!) and ships it my way. I see how it is… still new guy hazing time, huh? 

Well, jokes on all of you as you've given me the Crystal Ball for one of the biggest weeks on the calendar, so let's see what the all-seeing lady of the Crystal Ball spits out for results in Week 12, huh?

North Carolina @ Virginia (Thurs.)

What the heck? UNC vs. Virginia as a critical game? Yep, the lady speaking to us through the Crystal Ball says this one could have huge divisional implications and the winner could well be on their way to winning themselves a trip to the ACC championship game (if it's UVA that is). 

Virginia was my sleeper pick in the ACC and with this game at Lambeth Field the Crystal Ball gives me the Wahoo's winning this one and pushing themselves into a great opportunity to play for the ACC title in a few short weeks. They've got a lot of talent on offense and with the issues surrounding the UNC program they run into a buzzsaw on Thursday night in Charlottesville. 

UNC 24, Virginia 38


This crosstown rivalry has to mean something soon and with the comments by new Bruins HC about the location of USC's campus and "murders" on the recruiting trail it's safe to say this thing is really heating back up. Well that and UCLA was the South division champion (o.k., only because someone not named USC had to win it). 

Lane Kiffin's bunch comes in having just barely beaten Oregon in Week 10 and then hosting a rebuilding ASU squad this game could be a trap for them. Ah, who am I kidding…. According to the foggy and strange Crystal Ball they'll run through the gang from Westwood at least once more before this one becomes as competitive on the field as it is off of it. Look out Bruins fans, Silas Redd is about to run wild all over you.

UCLA 17, USC 41

Stanford @ Oregon

For some reason the lady speaking to me this week loves her some Pac-12 football and I can understand why as Oregon must stop reeling from their loss to USC a few weeks ago and prove they are back against their biggest competition for a Pac-12 North title, Stanford.

The Cardinal have a new QB and he's about to get a nasty taste of what Autzen Stadium is all about if you ask me. That's a scary place to play in the Pacific Northwest and I don't fancy the first year QB's chances all that much. However, it won't be easy as the Cardinal defense is also pretty damn good. In fact I think the Ducks need a late touchdown from Barner to win it.

Stanford 31, Oregon 35

Ohio State @ Wisconsin

We've saved the best two games of the week for last. While we all know that tOSU isn't eligible for the Big Ten Championship game or the postseason this year it doesn't mean they can't play spoiler to say the least. However, the Badgers are coming into this one undefeated and facing the proposition of a top 5 spot should they beat a Buckeyes team that's already lost to Michigan State. 

That's a team the Badgers have beaten just a few weeks ago themselves. The Buckeyes won't forget the pounding they took in the 2010 version of this game, yet Wisconsin isn't going to forget the last minute loss last year either. 

This game is in Madison, a place Wisconsin doesn't lose in very often and Danny O'Brien proves to be more than just a game manager in this one as he passes for well over 300 yards while allowing Montee Ball to run for 150 and 3 scores of his own. 

Apparently the lady in the Crystal Ball sees a Badger beat down in this one as Wisconsin pretty much seals up their trip to Indy with a win over Ohio State.

tOSU 21, Wisconsin 42

Oklahoma @ West Virginia

For many preseason onlookers this is THE game of the year in the Big 12, but as we know from our wonderful lady in the Crystal Ball, this game has to be a win for the Mountaineers to even have a chance as they were already beaten by fellow newcomers TCU earlier in the year and losing just a week before to Oklahoma State. (This thing really has something out for the Mountaineers, huh?)

What the ball is telling me is that this will be the most entertaining game of the year because the defenses will be gone out the window. We're talking two of the most high powered offenses in the country here and if you don't like high scoring football hide your women and children then, 'cause this one's about to get U-G-L-Y in terms of that.

The race for national champion gets very interesting though as the Mountaineers outlast the Sooners. (oh, btw thanks Crystal Ball for really giving us more needless controversy this season… I'm starting to think this lady is actually pure evil. No seriously, you should've heard the things she was saying about Lane Kiffin.. We don't take to kindly to that in these parts)

Oklahoma 48, West Virginia 54

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