Think you’ve seen it all? How about a $1,700 Alabama back tattoo?

They say “everything’s bigger in Texas” but when it comes to a love of the local college football team, the biggest, and most passionate group of college football fans reside in Alabama. Alabama fan, Auburn fan, whatever. If you grow up in the Yellowhammer State, chances are you not only care about your football team, but frankly, that you probably care about your football team a little too much.

And with that, it’s frankly hard to find anything that surprises us about the football crazed folks in Alabama anymore, with each story seemingly topping the last. There was the local town who tried to name a high school after Nick Saban. The daily zoo that is the PAWWWWWWWL Finebaum Show. And of course the oak trees at Toomer’s Corner, which no longer exist, thanks to the deranged Harvey Updyke.

Still, all that pales in comparison to what we’ve come across today.

What is so big that it could overshadow Updyke and Nick Saban High? How about the picture below, which was released by this morning.


Wondering what that is? Well, it’s actually a real, life tattoo belonging to fourth-generation Alabama fan named Zack Smartt, who currently resides in Georgia. The picture depicts an elephant (the unofficial Alabama mascot) running through a literal Crimson Tide.

Kinda cool, I guess. But definitely something you’d only find in Alabama.

Of course more than just the design of the tattoo, what might be even crazier are the specifics of it all.

According to, the tattoo cost close to $1,700, a price that seems a bit steep, especially considering he probably could’ve gotten season tickets to Alabama games for close to that much. Beyond the price also note that the tattoo took over 10.5 hours and three sessions to complete.

So yeah, there’s that, and otherwise, we’re not really entirely sure what else there is to say.

Except, umm, roll tide?

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