USC making friends at Sun Bowl

Lane Kiffin donning a sombrero. Like a strip-club line item on an expense report, it was one of those beautiful, iconic images that have come to define bowl season.

Hours later, it all came crashing down.

Whatever goodwill the Trojans had built up on their holiday trip to the Sun Bowl courtesy of Kiffin’s hat dance was gone in the span of 90 minutes.

An hour and a half of a half-empty “Sheriff’s Posse” shindig.

An hour and a half of legendary El Paso house band Old & Ugly jamming for a sparsely crowded event center.

An hour and a half of Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets eating in near silence.

An hour and a half of Paul Johnson fuming.

Well, at least USC’s players are enjoying themselves:

On the bright side, if the Trojans were disappointed with their bowl invitation this year, they probably won't be invited back any time soon.