Video: John L Smith calls Arkansas “the state of Alabama program”

Arkansas interim John L. Smith has had a rough go of it so far in Fayetteville since taking over from the freewheeling Bobby Petrino.  His Top 10 preseason team has fallen to 1-3 with home losses to Louisiana-Monroe and Rutgers bookending a nice 52-0 shellacking at the hands of #1 Alabama.  The John L. Era hasn't exactly gotten off to the best start at Arkansas, but you have to give the coach credit for this – if he's going to go down in flames, he'll make you laugh (or cry) along the way.  Perhaps that 52-0 defeat to Alabama was still in John L.'s mind this week as he referred to his own team, Arkansas, as "the state of Alabama program."  Keep in mind he called his own team "Alabama" when asking the media not to give up on the Arkansas football program.  In fairness, both start with the letter "A", are located in the south, and have some shade of red in the school's colors.

So to review, Arkansas' former coach wrecked his motorcyle while having an affair and left the program in disgrace.  The new guy is in bankruptcy court trying to deal with over $25 million dollars in debt, loses home games to the Sun Belt, is a bit eccentric… and doesn't know what team he's coaching or what state he's even in.


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