Wyoming Coach Dave Christensen Goes Nuts on Air Force Coach Troy Calhoun

Normally the Cowboys of Wyoming aren't making headlines, but after their game against Air Force last Saturday it's safe to say Wyoming Head Coach Dave Christensen wasn't in the spirit of Military Appreciation Night. Following the Falcons' one point 28-27 victory at Wyoming things got a little more than heated and what your about to see is very unsafe for work to say the least. Christensen unleashes several F bombs at Air Force Head Coach Troy Calhoun and the pair had to be separated:


Perhaps the most classic line of this exchange is the "Mr. Howdy Doody" line by Christensen. 

Needless to say it's rather stupid to be challenging a military man like Calhoun on anything honor related and Mr. Christensen comes off as less than a gentleman or even a sane individual. I know coach conversations aren't always the most cordial of affairs but in my 30 years on this earth this one takes the cake as the most heated I've seen.

In the words of Ron Burgundy, "You stay classy Coach Christensen."

Andrew Coppens

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