2013 Bloguin Heisman Poll: Week Ten

Over the last few weeks, the Heisman race has become a two man battle with Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston nose to nose with 2012 winner Johnny Manziel sitting in their rear view mirror. Winston took to the main stage this weekend against rival Miami while Mariota had the weekend off to prepare for Oregon's upcoming battle against Stanford. How would that impact our weekly Heisman poll?

What you'll see each week in the Bloguin Heisman Poll:

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* A list of all players receiving votes

* Poll notes that look at some interesting facts, figures and trends of the poll

* The BHP Roll Call of voters, the links to their respective blogs and twitter accounts

Without any further adieu, the Bloguin Heisman Poll…

1) Marcus Mariota (QB- Oregon) – 25 points, 41.67% of votes, 5 first place votes

Last Week BHP Ranking: #2

Last Week: bye

Season: 144 of 225 (64.0%) for 2,281 yards with 20 TD and 0 INT, 511 yds rushing and 9 rushing TDs

This Week: at #5 Stanford (7-1)

* No change at the top spot, even though the Ducks were on a "bye". Thursday will be Mariota's stage for the country to see him in action and a solid performance with a win could all but lock it up. 

– Hamilton Riley, Lambeth Field

* The Heisman race was dormant this week with five of the top ten teams on a bye. Johnny Manziel did roast UTEP, but it's UTEP so no one really noticed. This is the week that could make or break Mariota's Heisman campaign, with Oregon's Thursday night game against No. 5 Stanford. If he plays well and his team wins out, the award could be as good as his.

– Jonathan Biles, Crystal Ball Run

2) Jameis Winston (QB- FSU)- 20 points, 33.33% of votes, 5 first place votes

Last Week BHP Ranking: #1

Last Week: 21 of 29 for 325 yds with 1 TD and 2 INT

Season: 149 of 212 for 2,502 yds passing (70.3% completions) with 24 TD and 6 INT, 153 yds rushing, 3 rushing TD

This Week: at Wake Forest (4-5)

* Mariota is cool and efficient, but Winston and the Noles have demolished two top ten teams with Famous Jameis throwing for over 300 yards in both. He's dynamic, exciting and an exceptional leader, all as a redshirt freshman. To date, he's had the most outstanding season in college football.

– Dale Newton, The Duck Stops Here

* Winston played his worst game of the season and he still threw for 325 yards and a touchdown. The two interceptions weren't pretty, and it's that kind of slip-up that could cost him his shot at the Heisman.

– Josh Parcell, Crystal Ball Run

3) Johnny Manziel (QB- Texas A&M) – 12 points, 20.00% of votes

Last Week BHP Ranking: #3

Last Week: 16 of 24 passing for 273 yards with 4 TD and 0 INT, 67 yards rushing with 2 rushing TD

Season: 276 attempts/200 completions (72.5%) for 2,867 yards passing with 26 TD and 8 INT, 564 yds rushing and 8 rushing TDs

This Week: vs Mississippi State (4-4)

Also receiving votes: Jordan Lynch (QB- NIU) 2 pts; Bryce Petty (QB- Baylor) 1 pt

Poll Notes

– Two candidates received votes from all of our pollsters. If you guessed Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston then you are wrong. Mariota and Manziel placed on all of the ballots while Winston was left off two ballots. On those two ballots, it was Bryce Petty and Jordan Lynch that replaced Winston. With his biggest games behind him, it will be interesting to see what happens to Winston from here.

– In our 2011 poll, Andrew Luck continued to make it look like easy as he continued to lead with 40% of the vote. Case Keenum jumped into the second spot after a week where he went 39 of 44 with 4 total TDs and Trent Richardson placed third with 15% of the vote. 

– In our 2012 poll, after week ten Collin Klein continued to lead the way as he received 44% of the vote. Manti T'eo placed second with 14% (down from 25% the previous week) and AJ McCarron and Kenyon Barner were tied for third. This was the week before the Texas A&M upset of Alabama.

– Who to keep an eye on this week? Bryce Petty of Baylor. With the Baylor/Oklahoma game this weekend, we should remember how this game poll vaulted RG3 to the Heisman trophy after he threw a game winning bomb against OU.

– The other game to watch? Of course it's Oregon at Stanford. This is a showcase game for Marcus Mariota. If he shines then he could start to pull away from the other contenders. 

Bloguin Heisman Poll Roll Call

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Andrew Coppens- Crystal Ball Run, Madtown Badgers (@andycoppens)

Dale Newton- The Duck Stops Here (@DSH_Newton)

Hamilton Riley- Lambeth Field (@lambethfield)

Jonathan Biles- Crystal Ball Run (@Jonathan_Biles)

Josh Parcell- Crystal Ball Run (@joshparcell)

Kevin Causey- College Football Zealots, Crystal Ball Run (@CFBZ)

Kevin McGuire- Crystal Ball Run (@kevinoncfb)

Scott- Bearcats Blog (@bearcatsblog)

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