Alabama’s Trip to the White House: As told through Twitter

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In what is quickly becoming a spring rite of passage, the Alabama Crimson Tide made their annual pilgrimage to the White House on Monday, to celebrate a third BCS National Championship in four years. There, President Obama once again had the honor of shaking the hand of the most powerful man inthe world, Nick Saban.

Wait, isn't that supposed to be the other way around?

Oh, who are we kidding!? That sounds exactly right.

Either way, the simple truth is that these trips to the White House are becoming a little bit tired and cliched for the Crimson Tide, to the point that we almost didn't even bother to write a story about it today here at Crystal Ball Run. After all, how many times can we say: "Obama shakes Saban's hand. They take picture together. Arrange for similar meeting next year." At this point, "Alabama meets Obama" stories are becoming as common-place as seeing Gene Chizik show up at the unemployment office in an ugly "2011 champs" leather jacket.

Still, we wanted to do something to remember the event, which is why today we took a different approach to honoring the Tide. Rather than just writing a news report on the subject, we’ve decided instead to have some fun and tell the tale of Alabama’s trip to the White House via Tweets from some of our favorite sports writers, personalities and Twitter accounts.

Here it is, and I hope you enjoy:

Alabama goes to the White House as told through Twitter

The proceedings opened, with a Meeting of the Minds, between, as mentioned above, the two most powerful men in the free world: Nick Saban and Barack Obama.

As Saban's team anxiously awaits in the background, Saban makes small-talk with his old chum Obama, as the pair discuss a number of important global policy issues. Today's agenda included conversation on gun control, health care reform, and Johnny Manziel's off-season trip to Cabo.

Next up, Obama tries to begin the proceedings with a joke. He is quickly cut off by Saban, who informs him that he needs to see the equipment manager to ensure his helmet fits correctly.

Within a few shorts seconds, Obama has quickly become terrified of Saban… you know, like pretty much every 18-year-old kid that has ever played the four-time National Championship coach. He compensates by blurting out "Roll Tide" to the cheers of everyone in the audience.

After getting back in everyone's good graces, Obama shares his favorite memories from the Crimson Tide's 2012 season. Amongst them are the time that Robert Lester literally decapitated a helpless wide receiver from Michigan, when Eddie Lacy gave an opposing defensive back a concussion simply by looking at them, and well, this…

Obama then followed up by talking about the 2013 Tide, which, well, you know, will probably be pretty good and stuff (That audible grone you heard is from pretty much everyone else in the SEC except Les Miles, who missed Obama's speech because it conflicted with his mid-day game of Yahtzee).

Finally, Obama wrapped by arranging with Saban a date and time which would work for Alabama's next trip to the White House, following their 2014 BCS title run.

As the President said, "Roll Tide!"

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