Art Briles knows a good recruiting tool when he sees one

(Photo Courtesy: @CoachArtBriles)

Over the past few seasons, Art Briles has quietly positioned himself as one of the most underrated coaches in all of college football.

Sure, some of it was thanks to a magical, RGIII-induced 10-win season in 2011. But when you evaluate the big-picture, it’s really so much more than that.

It’s about three-straight seven-win seasons, the first time that’s happened at Baylor since 1949-1951.

It’s about college football’s second-ranked offense in 2012, one which averaged a staggering 572 yards per game.

And it’s about the talent. Beyond just RGIII, Baylor has had 10 players selected in the last three NFL Drafts, including four in the first round. That number is incredible when you again factor in that, well…we’re talking about Baylor here!!

Either way, it’s clear that Art Briles knows talent. He knows how to evaluate it. He knows how to develop it. And as he showed yesterday, apparently, he knows how to attract it too.

Above is a picture that Briles posted on his Twitter feed of a couple of Baylor graduates named Kathryn and Ashley (last names apparently not needed), who recently made the final round of the Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleader tryouts.

Where Briles got the picture of two young, recently graduated coeds is beyond us. And what their affiliation is with Baylor football (other than the ‘Baylor’ part), is really anyone’s guess.

Still, the message that Briles was trying to deliver with the picture was clear. That message:

“Hey 17-year-old high school football stars of Texas. Come to Baylor, and you’ll have the chance to not only get a top-flight education and play a fun brand of football, but you’ll also get to hang out with…them!!”

It’s a simple message, and simply put we love the swag Art Briles is bringing to Twitter these days.

Oh, and we also wish Kathryn and Ashley the best of luck in making the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading team.

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