Badger fan welcomes coach Andersen in unique fashion

Football fans have funny ways of showing their allegiances – whether it's insane and often times ill-advised tattoo's or god awful musical numbers – or if you're from the Midwest, you put your tractor to work in a cornfield and carve a dedication to your new head coach. 

At least, that's what one Wisconsin fan did to welcome new head coach Gary Andersen to the Dairy state. According to a report a Dane County (that's where Madison is located) farmer went all high-tech, low-tech on us and created the masterpiece you see above. 

The farmer, Don Schuster apparently decided to attach a GPS to to his lawn mower and cut a maze into an 8-acre plot of corn. All of this in dedication to coach Andersen and as a way to welcome him to his new home. 

However, that's only half the story because Don isn't just your average fan, he's a season ticket holder for UW basketball games and his love for his team got started while attending UW-Madison in his undergrad days. According to the report, Don was a sports photographer while attending school and get this… He covered the football team from the sidelines. 

This isn't the first, nor the last maize you'll see cut into corn fields, but you've got to love the dedication and lengths fans will go to show team support, especially when it's not permanent or incredibly illegal.

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