Baylor ushers in a golden (helmet) era

Things have been going pretty well for Baylor in recent years. The entire sports department has been experiencing success at levels rarely seen before at the school. Of course we all remember the impact Robert Griffin III had on the football program recently and judging by last season it appears Baylor is not exactly taking a huge step back just yet in the Big 12.

What better way to show off your heightened level of expectations that by setting a gold standard, literally.

It looks as though Baylor is doing just that, at least with their football helmets. A photo shared via Twitter by running backs coach Jeff Lebby certainly opened some eyes last week when we got a glimpse of a golden-chromed Baylor football helmet. The reflective chrome style is certainly one of the latest fashion statements in college football and it is one that is generally well-received. But Baylor's helmet is a solid golden chrome color, including the facemask, which seems either different or incomplete.

Check it out…

Like most of the chrome-style helmets we have seen make the rounds, this Baylor helmet is painted by the folks at Hydro Graphics Inc. (or HGI). HGI is responsible for the Oregon chrome helmets that have become the signature of the chrome-helmet era, as well as other schools such as Army, Rutgers, North Carolina, and more.

Whether this will be an official game-helmet or not of course remains to be seen, but we clearly hope to see these helmets make it to a field on a Saturday next fall.

Now that you have seen the helmet, what do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


Helmet sticker to Kegs 'n Eggs.


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