Bielema Still Holding a Grudge Against Urban Meyer?

It's no secret that Bret Bielema and Urban Meyer aren't exactly the biggest fans of each other. However, with Bielema moving on to the SEC and the Arkansas one would think his rivalry/hatred of the man and his current program—Ohio State—would subside. 

No such luck, as Bret Bielema voted Ohio State as the No. 12 team in the country after its loss to Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship game on Saturday. 

For a guy who said the following about not seeing Urban Meyer anymore…

…it shouldn't surprise us that Bielema would put personal feelings in to the mix. 

It wouldn't be that big of a deal, people are entitled to their opinions and all, except for one really glaring thing—Bielema voted Louisville as the No. 6 team in the country. 

Yes, you are readying that correctly, Louisville is six spots ahead of Ohio State in Bielema's poll. Not only is that ridiculous, but Bielema is the only coach in the entire country to vote the Buckeyes outside of the Top 10. 

It's not as if Bielema or his wife are above holding grudges or letting personal feelings get in the way of logic. 

Remember that whole #Karma situation from earlier this year? You know, tweeting that out after Wisconsin's controversial loss to Arizona State in September. 

That didn't exactly work out well for Jen or Brett, as the Hogs went 0-for-the rest of the season following Jen's dig at the Badgers. Neither did his awful attempt to explain away what his wife meant. 

Or how about the recruiting dustup that started it all to begin with? 

Bielema and Meyer made no bones that they don't like each other, but if you can't take your voting seriously and take personal feelings about a coach out of the situation you don't deserve a vote. 

Starting next season, at least the coaches poll won't have as much pull as it does in the world of college football anymore. It means situations like this and many more that have happened over the years won't affect the status of teams getting into the championship game or bowl games period. 

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