CBR’s The Bachelor Diary: Hometown Date Week


Things get real… really real if you believe what we saw in the preview last week. Why? Because it's hometown date week on The Bachelor. It's down to AshLee, Catherine, Desiree & Lindsay – with only AshLee and Desiree having been in our CBR Oddsmakers Top 5 all season long. Can the favorites of ours hold out? So many questions & so many answers tonight…. YAY!!

Our love-struck former K-State linebacker is nearing the end and could be ending one potential favorites little brother! Oh boy, let the drama, 20 questions, and family impressing begin! 

8:02pm ET: It's time for AshLee's hometown in Houston, TX. I didn't know they had meadow-like spots in the middle of Houston…. Apparently you truly do learn something new every day. Awww, both of their fathers are preachers in their church's too. Things are really getting deep in the meadow – that appears to be in the middle of a neighborhood too… Interesting pick of places in Houston to say the least.

8:10pm ET: Sean meets the family with flowers in hand ('cause he's a gentleman like that) & better yet, it was straight to the 20 questions and glaring looks from her Pastor father. Her mom sees AshLee madly in love, but wants to protect her – so this grilling should be interesting. Sean really passes the mom test.

8:13pm ET: Deep stuff with dad – underage marriage & stuff like that.. Sean goes in for the "Can I have your daughter's hand in marriage" question & he says "Yes, we could welcome you into our family."

8:16pm ET: AshLee's family rocks, took in 17 foster children and that's how they ended up adopting her. I hate sappy moments, but this is a story hard not to get choked up about. You can tell how much love they have for each other & that's a great thing in this crazy world. AshLee says she wants to marry him ASAP and no doubt they are in love. Boy if this doesn't end with these two together… Ouch for her.

8:18pm ET: ABC's tease was 1000% wrong as apparently it's Desiree's ex that Sean nearly gets into a fist fight with… CRAZY TOWN, population 1 ex-boyfriend…. Too bad it won't be till a bit later. Up next is Catherine.

8:22pm ET: Catherine's up & her hometown is Seattle – it's sunny there, who knew that happened? It's gotta rain at some point during that hometown date, right?

8:24pm ET: Sean's first football reference of the season!!! He's going to catch the fish at Seattle's Public Market and asks if it is anything like catching a football – I know weak reference, but hey we'll take anything at this point in time!! Joke was on Catherine as she ended up catching fish as well. Awww, what a cute bonding experience, right…. Or gross, your pick!

8:26pm ET: O.k., this hands down has to be the dorkiest, least serious start to a hometown date EVER. Chewing gum & adding to some crazy sculpture, catching fish, and dancing the jig in the middle of public…. Um ya…. At this point there's gotta be more than just crazy, goofy fun, right? Time to meet the fam next.

8:31pm ET: Sean shows up with flowers in toe – let the family fun/drama begin!!! Catherine's grandma is a feisty one & says he's handsome & will take him for herself, gotta love that move. However, the fun and games end as her sisters grill her hardcore & make her question a lot of things for no reason… This was a twist I didn't see coming. 

8:38pm ET: Ouch… Sean gets a "Well there are three other ladies, so we'll see what happens." Talk about no firm answers, geez. Pretty sure any guy would be confused by that hometown. That was a big time roller coaster ride of emotions all in one day. 

8:44pm ET: It's Lindsay's hometown & that means meeting her 2 star general father… Who's ready for some military style fun? I know I am. Her "hometown" is Fort Leonard Wood, MO. They stop in at a local pub & grab a beer and later a cupcake – now that's my style of lady!

8:48pm ET: Well…. this isn't going to be awkward – Sean is so nervous he's questioning whether to call him General or Mr. – ya, that's nervous if I've ever seen it. But, nothing like a little "Army ready" exercise from Lindsay to lighten the mood & help him be less nervous. One of the funnier moments this season so far. Now for meeting General and mom… 

8:56pm ET: Sean w/ the ultimate ice breaker – telling her family how they met – remember the whole wedding dress out of the limo thing? Good thing mom was up first as she grills Sean a bit, but he clearly passed the test. Now on to dad!! 

9:00pm ET: It's asking for the blessing time…. After thinking on it and telling a good Army story he gives him the blessing – as long as Lindsay says yes. Well, that couldn't have gone better… Good luck not keeping her around after this one.

9:08pm ET: It's time for the date from hell – aka Desiree's hometown date. We're in LA for this one. Anyone got money on the day portion being awesome & the night portion being hell? Nothing like ending a hike overlooking smog full LA, baby!! Bring on the family part of the date.

9:11pm ET: Hey Sean – SURPRISE…. it's Desiree's ex-boyfriend that you didn't know about. Talk about not seeing something coming. Wow. Apparently Desiree had been with this guy for like two years & Sean and the ex nearly come to blows as he put his hands on Sean. Not a smart move for a guy that's barely bigger than my skinny ass. Of course it's commercial break time.

9:17pm ET: Even better… It's all an act – she got him back for the terrible prank he pulled on their first date. Now that was hilarious. 

9:19pm ET: Ding, dong… Family time for real this time & apparently things are starting off well as everyone is laughing and joking – until her brother gets involved. This guy is a straight up jackass. 

9:26pm ET: Let the fireworks begin!! Here are the highlights. 

– Her brother doesn't see the connection

– Sean is crazy about a lot of women

– Her brother says Sean is "just a playboy & going along with the circumstances" – yep… questioning a guys intentions & character is a good way to make a 1st impression, right?

9:29pm ET: Sean handled that with class…. He was not a happy camper & could've punched him in the face to say the least. Dude embarrassed his family instead & is a complete DOUCHE. That can't be a good thing for our season long front runner, huh Desiree? 

9:32pm ET: Flash forward and apparently it's gonna be between Desiree and Catherine for the final rose tonight…. Don't know about you, but didn't see that coming when the season started. Desiree because she's one of our favorites & Catherine because we didn't have her in the Top 5 for most of the season, in fact not until this past week actually.

9:37pm ET: ROSE CEREMONY time, but first it's sit down with Chris Harrison time. Sean hasn't made up his mind right now entering the night. This should be interesting.

9:41pm ET: O.k., let's hand out the roses for real…. errr, until Desiree pulls Sean aside – smart move after her brother pulled that crap. He comforts her, but not sure if that's a good thing. DRAMA!!

9:45pm ET: Dooohhh… Sean puts the final rose down & walks out to think it over some more. Dude is STRUGGGLLINNNGGG.

9:52pm ET: After sole searching it's Catherine w/ the final rose…. Down goes Frazier, Down goes Frazier… err down goes Desiree. Our favorite gets knocked out! NOOOOOOOOOOO. Well, she can thank her DOUCHEBAG brother for this one. 

Roses: AshLee, Lindsay, Catherine

Gone: Desiree

CBR's Oddsmakers Board:

1. AshLee – 2/1

2. Lindsay – 5/1

3. Catherine – 15/1

Next Week's Preview: We'll have Sean Tells All tomorrow night – so expect the highlights of that to come from us here as well. Always some good stuff on that one – not nearly as great as the cat fight that is the Women Tell All, but ya. After that it's Thailand for the Overnight dates…. This is going to be fun, so strap in for the ride!

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