CBR’s The Bachelor Diary: Overnight Date Week


After what was simply a shocking elimination of our season long favorite, Desiree, last week on The Bachelor it's safe to say no one is safe and that the stakes couldn't be higher as we are off to Thailand with our ex-Kansas State linebacker, Sean Lowe. 

Left in the "competition" are Lindsay, AshLee, and Catherine – so, what will go down and who will leave heart broken? Perhaps there will be a little hanky panky and some tears of happiness and joy too… Let's explore this episode of The Bachelor shall we?

Normally these episodes will be time stamped, however there are only three dates and a rose ceremony, so we'll be breaking tradition and going with breakdown's of each one-on-one "overnight" date! 

8:01-8:10pm ET: We get a breakdown of the journey of all three women and Sean's romance to this point…. SNOOZE. I mean, seriously – all you need to do is read our Diary entry's for each week folks. 

Lindsay's Date:

– She's the first one to have the overnight date, so this should be interesting. Biggest question is will Lindsay say she loves him?

– Nothing says I love you like a day at the local Tai market…. or eating the one thing she says she won't eat – BUGS!! Oh the humanity. Clearly this woman is willing to go the distance for her man. I guess we'll see how far it goes later, huh? (wink, wink)

– MONKEYS!!! Seriously, there are MONKEYS on the beach and a great sunset – plus Lindsay to look at as well. Sean is one lucky man. If Lindsay doesn't utter the words "I LOVE YOU" after a day like this she's an idiot and deserves to go home at the end of the night. 

– Dinner in front of traditional Thai floats that light up… crazy flower shaped ground made of flower petals – this dude is going all out… err, ABC is going all out for this one!! 

– Lindsay gets tongue tied big time knowing what's at stake & just as she's about to say the magic words – BOOM… Thai dancers appear. DAMN – buzz kill or awesome depending on your viewpoint and really who am I to judge (oh wait, I've been doing that all season?)

– Ya, the fantasy suite card is played and she says yes to that… But will she say those words… FINALLY, right before they kick the cameras out of the room she says "I Love You" and the fairy tale music begins right on cue. Sean calls it "inspiring."

Scale of Awesomeness (1= K-Fed & Brittany; 5= George Clooney & Stacy Keibler): 4 – This was a home run date for Sean and it's pretty damn clear after he pulls the "You are my best friend" card that Lindsay isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

AshLee's Date:

– They head out on a boat to some pretty awesome scenery. In fact, the dreary months of Wisconsin winter make me wish I was there to say the least…. Lucky folks.

– Ah, Sean's up to challenging each one of the ladies I see… For AshLee it's swimming through a cave with Sean as they reach a private beach on the other side. Sean is trying to get her out of her comfort zone and routine. This ought to be interesting to say the least. 

– Well, this whole cave thing is apparently one giant metaphor? WHO KNEW…. Oh wait, every half-educated person watching this show? Ya, that sounds about right. Aww… they even found the light at the end of the tunnel – how cute… blahhhh!! 

– Back at the resort it's a little hut candlelight dinner thing going on – this could be the one lady that says no to the fantasy suite because of her morals and you've gotta respect that. It's a I know that you know what I love about you and you know what you love about me fest (that made sense right?). AshLee says yes to the fantasy suite because she completely trusts Sean & the expectations he has for the night… This is the deep, internal connection of the three ladies. 

Scale of Awesomeness: 3.5 – The getting AshLee out of her comfort zone part was awesome because how often do we honestly push ourselves outside of our own comfort zones? However, the on the beach portion of the date was completely boring to me. 

Catherine's Date:

– They are off on a "junk boat" to explore what the south of Thailand has to offer… However, after that last date there are a lot of questions to answer.

– Does it bother anyone else that when they are talking seriously that Catherine can't look Sean in the eyes and tell him these things? Seriously…. What the hell is that?

– Snorkeling around a reef area in the middle of the ocean, sealed with a kiss & followed by a rain storm… Good lord, could ABC have upped the romance setting anymore? Well done ABC & mother nature. 

– Catherine really is going serious tonight – talking about kids, being really traditional when it comes to marriage and what she wants despite the goofy exterior. She also freaks out about the fantasy suite – or was freaking out until she came to realization that it's about spending alone time w/o the cameras. Make it 3-for-3 in the fantasy suite. 

– Also, make it 3-for-3 in the "I Love You" department? She says that she fell in love with Sean on this date to the camera's, but didn't say it to her…. And thus ends our time in Thailand.

Scale of Awesomeness: 4 – This would've been a five except for the fact that Catherine seems to have issues looking someone in the eye when it comes to serious stuff. Sorry, but eye contact actually has a lot of meaning – just read a book on body language – it's pretty interesting what you'll pick up on others. Otherwise this was just about as perfect of a date as it could get. 

Rose Ceremony:

– Sean says he woke up knowing who he needed to send home because the other two relationships were stronger and further along. Could it be someone else getting blindsided? We shall see what happens….. And the roses go to?

– Each of the three have left a private video message for him, doubtful this will change his mind even though he says he'll keep an open mind in watching the videos. Damn, AshLee's video message was hard to watch – not that cried or anything, but because of Sean's reaction. It should've made him happy & instead it made him choke up like he's rethinking things all over again – this should be interesting. 

Roses: Lindsay, Catherine

Gone: AshLee

Reaction: Make it two weeks with a shocking ending for me and us here at CBR. Pretty sure we saw AshLee as one of the biggest front runner's of the show all season long. To say AshLee was pissed is an understatement – she just went from unbroken to broken again. I bet this confrontation on next week's show is going to be epic!! 

I'm changing things up as it's just down to two for next week and that means no need for the oddsmaker this time around. Instead it's time for me to call my shot!! 

And the Winner Is……. Lindsay – It's hard to deny the fact that these two are just connected. While Catherine and Sean seem to have a good internal connection it's just not as strong as the friendship and bond that Lindsay and Sean have made, plus Lindsay comes with less stuff behind her and seems ready to move into a new phase of her life and willing to let Sean take the reigns at times – which seems to be what he ultimately wants. Catherine has the fun side wrapped up, however the relationship is in a very different place for a proposal to happen from the very beginning. 

Next Week: It's "The Women Tell All" special… Let the funny stories, catty women, and tears flow… This one is always fun & we're just two weeks away from Lindsay being crowned the winner!! HELL YA!


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