CBR’s The Bachelor Diary: Sean Tells All


It's Sean's chance to sit down with the man we haven't seen much of all season long – the venerable Chris Harrison. Now for anyone who has seen this show before there's no denying that when there's more Harrison involved the show usually is significantly better. 

Tonight it's Sean sitting down for a full hour with Harrison and we get all of the juicy details and behind the scenes footage. We'll be here to give you the highlights of our favorite little used ex-Kansas State linebacker!! 

Sean Tells All Highlights:

On Desiree decision: He says in the end it was about asking if he could see himself with her for the rest of his life and w/ Catherine it was a "Yes" & w/ Desiree it was a "Maybe". 

Desiree's brother: He wanted to hit her brother bad – and really which one of us didn't want to do that after last night? Apparently that douche did a 180 on him and Sean calls him what he is – a JACKASS. Sean also says that that incident did have an effect on his decision, but wasn't the only factor. 

On getting rid of Sarah: Sean says he didn't feel any passion behind their kiss & that's why he wanted to end it early and give her the proper respect. I could totally see her being the next The Bachelorette. Not only a great story, but simply a great person. 

On Selma: Sean admits to amazing sexual chemistry, but something was off. 

On Lesley M: Apparently if she would've expressed herself more in St. Croix then she would've been around longer. He says that had she said "I love you" it would've been a game changer for her. Of course she remains one of our favorite people on this show this season – hilarious & not afraid to just be herself (until that final date of course). 

On Tierra: Ready for the rumble? Sean feels like a fool and that he was duped. He says she shouldn't have come on this show & simply can't get along with her peers. The "Rumble in Montana" apparently went on all night…. Ahh, gotta love catty women, right? 

On Catherine's "Nerd Notes": He says it's what made her endearing to him & says she always had a way to have fun in whatever situation they were in. 

On the Overnight Dates: Sean says it's all about getting to know each other without all of the camera's & that a gentleman never tells. Harrison says he's gotten a ton of people behind him so far this season – wonder if this little ole' blog diary is what he was talking about? Hey, a blog can dream, no?

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