CBR’s The Bachelor Diary: Week 3


We had three ladies dismissed last week, and that means we are down to a field of 16 wonderful ladies for week 3 of The Bachelor and we should be down to a healthy bakers dozen or so tonight if memory serves this guy correctly.

I'm sure we'll have our fair share of shirtless ex-Kansas State football player Sean and maybe for the guys some bikini clad ladies as well? Is that too much to ask since you manage to show the dude shirtless EVERY single week and multiple times an episode?

Oh, and I wonder if they will actually, oh I don't know… MENTION THE FACT THAT HE PLAYED COLLEGE FOOTBALL… Ya, know the reason he got that buff in the 1st place. Perhaps, just a little oh, hey, we're going to be playing some touch football since I was a linebacker at Kansas State. See, I could put this show together, it's really not that hard.

Complaining done… it's time for the action and the bitchiness to kick up a notch or ten this week!

8:00.25PM ET: Good grief….perhaps we have a new record for fastest reveal of Sean's abs. Clearly we're going to get a lot of this every episode, so I guess we'll just have to get used to this crap, huh? Oh, and the ladies step up the catty behavior – possibly to the point of serious injury as they foreshadow this week's episode.

8:02PM ET: Alright… two one-on-one dates and a group date this week. Lesley M gets a one-on-one date as the 1st date card is handed out. Remember, she was the one that got a little – o.k. – a lot hot and heavy on the group date last week. She had the balls to go in for the 1st kiss on the date & pissed a lot of girls off, only because they couldn't come up with it first.

8:04PM ET: Guinness Museum of World Records up first & Sean reveals his dad holds a record for the fastest trip by car to all the contiguous 48 United States…. And they're going to break their own record for longest on screen kiss…. Gee, who came up with this one… Well played Sean, well played.

8:12PM ET: 3 minutes and 15 seconds is the record – must really suck to be making out with a hot chick. However doing it in front of a crowd of people? That's har…. oh, come on now… give me a break!!

8:12.30PM ET: This is really, really awkward… Like not even close to romantic folks, but damn is it funny seeing two people try not to laugh as they make out. Remember 7 minutes in heaven back in the day – just picture that, but in front of hundreds of people cheering you on that you've never met & you can't come up for air either.

8:16PM ET: We have a new world record and they are still making out. They apparently also have a lot of chemistry between their lips…. No way? You mean to tell me making out has that affect on people? How come they never covered that in sex ed back in the day? I want a refund!!

8:21PM ET: After making out it's time for the "romantic part" of the date. Anyone wanna take 1:2 odds that they end up making out at the end of this one too? Sean's laying on the lines rather thick & it's working as Lesley can't even look him in the face after about a half dozen lines in a row on her and presto, bingo WE HAVE MAKE OUT… Damn, I'm just that good at predictions (shh… don't look back and see my season results this past year at CBR). I'm sure she's earning a Rose.

8:25PM ET: We get the group date reveal… Catty time for sure as Tierra and Kacie are part of this one, a total of 12 girls going in all.

8:27PM ET: Sean lays out his feelings for Lesley M and she gets the rose rather easily on the date while making out behind the Roosevelt Hotel sign in the middle of Hollywood. Man, life is rough for this Sean guy, huh?

8:33PM ET: It's beach date time and it appears that the ladies will be playing some beach volleyball. Oh wow, wait, there's a football in this one & he doesn't pull the "hey, ladies I'm an ex-football player" move. I can actually respect that, to a point. Dude, you're on national TV, soak it up!! 

8:35PM ET: Chris Harrison appears and apparently it's gonna be 6 on 6 between the ladies in volleyball… Finally a little eye candy for the dudes watching the show. They sorta, kinda get after it… at least they tried to make it look halfway good, but these girls are NOT athletic at all…. Blue team wins and the 6 go home and the tears of failure flow. Hey, wait a minute, there's no crying in… duh, nevermind, wrong sport.

8:45PM ET: The remaining ladies get a date at Sean's house & Lindsay puts on the charm. Sean's kiss total is up to two for the night as they go at it pretty passionately. Perhaps the drunk girl has a deeper side… Or he's having a ton of fun. Make it 2 for 2 as Sean plants one on Desiree as well. 

8:49PM ET: Ashley & Selma are going on a two-on-one date…. Oh boy, or not…. It's just Ashley. Hahahaha, these girls pulling pranks on each other. Although that one wasn't very funny.

8:54PM ET: Kacie may blow her chances by telling Sean about being in between a rock and a hard place with two ladies in the house? Um, ya… way to shoot yourself in the foot for no reason woman. Holy cow… Could this sweet, "innocent" country girl have a deeper catty side? It appears so.

8:56PM ET: Lindsay surprises the ladies and wins the rose on the date. Safe to say her odds are moving up on our CBR Odds makers board, huh? She was 20/1 last week and in 5th place on the leader board.

9:02PM ET: Tierra falls down & goes boom…. and magically Sean appears as she basically pops up against the EMT's advice. Of course all of this happens right before Ashley's date. Somehow she takes this and spins it as a positive and laughs it off. Ya, the girls and this guy ain't buying her act to say the least. PUKE.

9:12PM ET: Ashley finally gets her one-on-one date & it's a kids date… at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Ahhh the personal memories of my first date with a certain lady friend of mine at this park… Ahhmmm, I digress. Sean brings along chronically ill children who are best friends from across the country. This is a pretty awesome dude, or at least ABC is doing a hell of a job of convincing us that that's the case. Call me a sucker, but ya that is pretty awesome.

9:25PM ET: We get the reveal of what Ashley is all about as the girls leave following a concert from Sean's favorite band – the Eli Young Band. She opens up about her adoption & wanting to do that as well. She really opens up about some other things that happened while having to go through foster care. Hard to make fun of anything said here & she is a winner (not in the sarcastic sense) at life. 

9:30PM ET: Sean is at least 4 for 4 in the kiss department for the night… Ya, being The Bachelor must really suck, huh? Ashley thinks she could be falling head over heels following the date & that makes at least 4 for 4 on the night in that department as well.

9:36PM ET: Ding, ding, ding… let the rose ceremony party begin, with a good ole down south Y'all from Sean.

9:37PM ET: Sean brings Sarah (the one armed girl) out to the front of the house to a limo & she freaks out thinking she's going home, instead…. her dog comes out? WTH… Seriously? Oh man. At least it was funny to see her freak out for nothing for a moment.

9:40PM ET: Tierra shows her true colors as she gets all steamed when a girl steals him away from the girl who stole him away to begin with… Ya, this chick isn't CRRRAAAAZZZYYYY or anything? Hey, girls I get being wanted and all, but there's a line. Let this be a lesson, we like attention but we don't like being fought over like a piece of meat at the local farmers market.

9:43PM ET: Could one of our early season favorites be going home in just week 3? It feels like we're talking about the 2012 Top 25 for some reason… Oh wait, that's right. Perhaps Kacie is this show's version of USC? The team/lady we've seen before, yet fails to meet expectations because they've been there before… It sure feels that way after the "one step forward, two steps back" talk Sean and her had before being interrupted.

9:50PM ET: It's Rose Ceremony Time!!!

Roses: Lesley M, Lindsay, Ashley, Tierra, Lesley H, Catherine, Daniella, Robyn, Selma, Sarah, Jackie, Amanda, Desiree  

Gone: Kacie, Taryn, Kristy (NOOO…. not my Wisconsin lady. Hey, Bachelor folks, hook a single Wisconsin guy up? lol) 

CBR's Oddsmaker Favorites:

1. Desiree: 3/2
2. Tierra: 2/1
3. Lindsay: 3/1
4. Ashley: 12/1
5. Sarah: 15/1

Receiving Oddsmaker Votes: Robyn: 25/1, Amanda 50/1, Lesley H 100/1, Catherine 250/1, Jackie 400/1, Daniella 500/1, Selma 1000/1

Next Week's Preview: Apparently more drama (but who didn't see that coming) and of course it's all coming from Tierra…. Surprise, Surprise… Hopefully that's the end of her ride, but I doubt it highly as she reminds me of the last winner Courtney, PUKE!!

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