CBR’s The Bachelor Diary: Week 4


Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gentleman – things are getting real as we're down to a bakers dozen of ladies vying for the love and affection of our often times shirtless bachelor and ex-Kansas State linebacker Sean Lowe. In case you missed it last week we came out with our official CBR Oddsmakers list for all 13 of the ladies

So far things have been pretty normal – I mean we haven't seen him take ladies around the world or on super adventurous dates yet. Can this guy really be this boring? Don't worry, if last week's preview is any indication Tierra is about to show us just how bat-shit crazy she is!! Maybe we'll actually get a crazy exotic date too.

Well, no matter what things are moving fast for Sean and the ladies and the crazy side of the ladies – both good and bad – will likely come out over the next few weeks to say the least. So, let's just get things started (most likely with our obligatory shirtless Sean shot). 

8:01PM – Hell ya… Roller derby on this episode – nothing like a bunch of ladies literally fighting it out for a guy. Oh and we went a whole "On this week's episode" thingy without seeing Sean w/o his shirt!! Miracles do happen.

8:03PM – The 1st date card is delivered and it's Selma – the Real Estate Developer from San Diego, CA who says she wants to have Sean's babies. Apparently their date will be about "heat" – I'm just going to guess it's about a hot air balloon? Oh, and seriously…. Who the hell wears salmon colored shorts as a dude? Don Knox called – he says you missed popping your collar and pulling up your sleeves as well. SMH.

8:06PM – Damn, I was wrong – for now… It's Sean and Selma on a private jet. I know, every guy's go-to 1st date move, right? How lame…. Or not. One thing we do know is that Selma is all over Sean like White on Rice.

8:08PM – Landing time and they are going to the desert – PHENOMENAL – cause nothing says 1st date like going to the middle of nowhere and getting all sweaty, right? Oh wait, that's not romantic at all ladies? Only The Bachelor could find the resources & the $$$ to be able to pull this one off the scrap heap of terrible date ideas.

8:12PM – Oh hell yes, this keeps getting better & better. Rock climbing in the middle of the scorching hot desert. Keep racking up the brownie points only to redeem yourself at the end of the night there buddy. Good lord could this get any more unrealistic for us real people. Seriously, if you're a dude on the west coast – I dare you to try this date out and report back on it's outcome. I bet you don't even get to the rock climbing before it's over.

8:15PM – Not only is the concept failing epically – at least for most of us in the real world – but "the rock climber" is actually scrambling to find a way to keep up with the pint sized Selma. See it's not always about size ladies and gents. Somehow they made it up the rock without ever having experience doing so before. Impressive Selma, impressive. Way to flip the script on what could've been disaster-date.

8:20PM – This date proves one thing and one thing only… It's not what your doing, it's who you are doing it with and who is paying for the date for you that truly matters. Count me as someone who would laugh my ass off at the idea of a date in the middle of the desert capped off by some hokey "trailer park" themed night time date. Again SMH.

8:22PM – Selma tells us she was born in Baghdad, Iraq and has a strict Muslim family background. There really is a lot more to her & finally we get to see this side as she's been in the background all the time so far. Hell, we had her at 1,000/1 odds after last weeks show. No kisses for Sean because of that, even though they want that.

8:23PM – Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Catherine, Amanda, AshLee, Sarah, and Tierra are going on the group date. Let's all countdown the minutes till Tierra has her jealous fit of rage – or mental breakdown – whichever you prefer…. lol. So, we've got an interesting group of ladies for the Roller Derby coming up!! 

8:28PM – Was that the longest montage of "I want to kiss you, but I can't" you've ever seen in your life? Good lord, we get the picture. Sean's a respectful guy & she's trying to respect her parents wishes. Just show him giving her the rose and call it a night already.

8:34PM – The looks on the ladies' faces are priceless when they finally figure out they're going to do Roller Derby, like for real and such. Now this is how you separate the true ladies from the prissy ones. Clearly a football player needs someone that's ready to roll with whatever comes your way and be athletic too. Good call Sean and ABC producers – at least you've thrown us guys watching the show a bone or two with the group dates the past few weeks.

8:36PM – We see that Sarah is pretty awesome, but she struggles because of her physical limitations. I've gotta say this season has really shown us more of the human side and less of what the "producers" want us to see out of the ladies. It's tough seeing someone who wants something so bad struggle because of something they have zero control over.

8:39PM – BOOM – Down goes the cocky one on this part of the date – Amanda, as she literally uses her chin to break her fall. Ya, that's never a good idea folks, as if you needed me to tell you that. With that we've got the end to the competition and they go old-school rollerena skating party on us.

8:51PM – No more roller derby, it's another roof top date at night for the group & it's all about to get awkward thanks to Tierra who thinks she's entitled to this one all on her own… Amanda is back & apparently all good minus some bruising and such. Of course she admits to milking the crap out of the injury – at least she admits to it unlike a certain someone (cough, cough Tierra).

8:54PM – Leslie H is going on the 2nd one-on-one date & damn… she gets some crazy diamond filled earrings that make a lot of the other ladies in the house jealous. Meanwhile back at the group date we're nearing stage 3 or 4 of Tierra's meltdown!! Get ready for fireworks folks.

8:56PM – Tierra threatens to just walk out… talks to the producers and everything. Probably all a huge ploy for sympathy. She actually says "why should I be tortured every single day." Seriously, are you freaking kidding me… Look around you you spoiled bitch. GO AWAY ALREADY!!! I swear if she stays and he keeps her around I'm going to loose all respect for him and probably my sanity all in one fell swoop.

9:00PM – Son of a Bitch… Her bullshit ploy works & Sean tells her he wants her. After he leaves she immediately has a smile on her face, like "I got him wrapped around her finger." SON OF A BITCH SHE GETS THE ROSE ON THE DATE AS WELL. YOU IDIOT!!!!  What a joke. I've lost just about all respect for this guy. I hate manipulators like you wouldn't believe and she is probably even worse than Courtney from the last season of The Bachelor.

9:06PM – Leslie H's one-on-one date begins w/ a sports car ride & some diamonds in her ears… Pretty sure this is the most glamorous date of the season so far. Lesley H gets to shop on Rodeo Dr. for new clothing. Hello to the Pretty Woman date!

9:11PM – Leslie H's Pretty Woman makeover ends with a hand picked Neil Lane necklace. It's almost 120 karats according to Neil Lane himself. Good luck ever living up to that one guys. Thanks a lot Sean – you a-hole! Now, is there any sort of spark between these two?

9:20PM – Dinner time gets super deep between Sean and Lesley H… But Sean just doesn't seem as into the date as she is… I smell the 1st one going home without a rose on a one-on-one date. No. 1 rule on The Bachelor – No romance, no rose!! BOOM, down goes our 100/1 odds for Lesley, so thanks for placing your bets with us (for entertainment purposes only of course) and play again next week!! The odds shop will open up 15 minutes after this post… Oh, wait we're not allowed to bet like that in the United States. DAMN.

9:31PM – It's rose ceremony pre-party time – Sean asks the ladies if they have questions or issues to come & talk to him. Good move, too bad the one person you should be worried about you already gave a rose to you dumbass. Ashley and Sean make out & it's actually only the 2nd one of the night if I'm counting correctly. 

9:33PM – Robyn goes all pickup line on Sean – she pulls the "which chocolate do you want to taste" line & goes all sorts of gaga over their kiss. 

9:37PM – We have the most fake apology of the season coming from Tierra as she basically says sorry & manages to attack both Robyn and Jackie at the same time. I know us guys can be really dumb at times, but how dumb can Sean really be? Just when I thought he'd prove the "dumb jock" thing wrong he's sticking with Tierra despite what everyone else is telling him about her.

9:42PM – Tierra's fakeness is pointed out by the group & it's clear she is their to play the game rather than to focus on an actual relationship. I'm 100% serious that she is worse than Courtney was on Ben's season. How the heck Sean knows who Tierra is after what – two or three weeks in the house – is beyond me. You don't know squat about anyone that quickly, EVER.

9:46PM – Sean and Catherine have their 1st kiss on the show as well… I think there isn't a single girl outside of Selma (for obvious reasons) that he hasn't made out with yet that's left. Time for the roses to be handed out, so let's get down to business.

Roses: Selma, Tierra, Catherine, Desiree, Lindsay, Leslie M, Robyn, AshLee, Sarah, Jackie, Daniella

Gone: Leslie H, Amanda

CBR Oddsmaker's Favorites:

1. Desiree: 3/2  

2. Tierra: 1/1 

3. AshLee: 5/1

4. Lindsay: 8/1

5. Sarah: 12/1

Outside Oddsmakers Choices: Selma 15/1, Catherine 25/1, Leslie M 50/1, Robyn 75/1, Daniella 100/1, Jackie 250/1

Next Week's Preview: Oh boy, it's a two-day The Bachelor next week!! Bet you can't wait for that!!! Oh, and don't worry Tierra will keep up the drama for her man… Yippie skippy. See you next Monday and Tuesday!! 

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