CBR’s The Bachelor Diary: Week 5 pt. 2


Wahoo!! Part two of The Bachelor this week and it looks like we'll get plenty of drama – most if coming from Tierra. If you missed last night's action check out our diary

Tonight, we'll get to crack the story of if Tierra is really faking her "Hypothermia" for attention or if she is for real… We can only hope it's the end of the ride for that wonderful human being, right?

It's Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada for the dates this week… Let the fun begin.

9:03pm ET: Two one-on-one dates and a group date tonight… Yippie skippy!! First date goes to Catherine, who stands at 100/1 odds following last night's action on The Bachelor.

9:06pm ET: You know it's a quality date in Canada when the dude shows up on a Snow Bus. Look, I live in the middle of snow country in Wisconsin and I have never, NEVER seen that contraption before… Looks like a hell of a lot of fun. They are going to play on a giant Glacier too – now for your southern folk this is how we Yankees get down in the snow. 

9:11pm ET: So, what do you do in the Canadian Rockies for romance in the middle of winter? How about a giant ice castle w/ snow falling and a fire going.  Oh and the Rose has to be frozen into one of the blocks. 

9:14pm ET: Flash back to the girls & Daniella is upset w/o the one-on-one date as her name is called for the group date. Desiree gets the other one-on-one date. Let the drama on the group date commence!! Desiree was picked as a 2/1 favorite after last night, so talk about opposite ends of the one-on-one date spectrum, huh?

9:15pm ET: O.k., back to the date & fun loving Catherine gets all serious on us – she watched a girl at camp die right in front of her – um… DAMN! She took that life needs to be lived each day because you never know when life can be taken from you. How can you not give her a Rose after that? Bingo… Sean hands her one & he's suddenly happy again after a downer of a time last night.

9:23pm ET: Group date time…. Let the drama commence!!! Seriously, I'm gonna pop a top and sit back and watch this train wreck unfold!! Alrighty then… canoeing in the middle of the cold ass lake, huh? Ya, that sounds like a total blast!! Count me out.

9:26pm ET: Nothing can top a freezing ass cold canoe ride right? Oh, except for all these ladies getting into bikini's and jumping into a freezing cold lake. I've done this once before & it'll be the last time too… Seriously, I want to know who thought putting this on the date idea board was a great idea. Nothing's going to go wrong, NAH. 

Oh wait, we already know it will go all sorts of horribly wrong. Ahhh, take a drink and enjoy the train wreck some more!

9:33pm ET: Selma, the girl who's family is from Iraq, won't participate… She says she's from the desert, yet that whole lack of any accent tells me she's as American as they come. You wuss!! Well, either that or she's the only smart one of the group. I'm going with that second one based on what we've seen in the previews.

9:35pm ET: and let the Polar Bear Plunge, and the screaming, begin… Oh and let the "HYPOTHERMIA" begin as well… You idiot Sean, you idiot. Nothing says I am falling for you like here's some really dangerous chance of dying. Although, it is happening to the nicest…. ahh, who am I kidding, the woman is a straight up witch – so Karma's a bitch Tierra.

9:43pm ET: Tierra has her meltdown and apparently had "Hypothermia" yet in just a few hours she was completely fine, smiling in front of Sean. I don't doubt that she wasn't feeling well to start, but I have never seen someone milk whatever was going on to his/her advantage that well in my life…. Seriously, this woman just needs to GO AWAY!!

9:52pm ET: It's cocktail part of the group date time…. Lesley M really is going for it w/ Sean and perhaps we've underestimated the girl we put as our longest shot at 500/1. Sarah opens Sean's eyes to the fact that things are getting serious too… (No shit Sean, you are supposed to get engaged to a lady here at the end of all of this… At least that's the idea, huh?)

9:57pm ET: Tierra makes a miracle recovery and she's gonna join in the cocktail party part of the night…. The ladies have given to calling her the "Woman who cried wolf." That's fair and accurate to say the least. Remember, it's all about the ROSE for Tierra. Thankfully Sean doesn't fall for Teirra's b.s. all the way and instead it goes to Lesley M! Hell ya, take that Tierra – GO AWAY!

10:06pm ET: Sean's about to be a major asshole and kick off Sarah…. What a dick. Seriously, one of the nicest and most genuine people on the show. Worse yet, she hasn't a clue this is coming!! Probably the most heartbreaking moments on this show & gone is our No. 5 player on our oddmaker's board. OUCH.

Talk about being blindsided, huh? Good lord was that tough to watch (not because I was all teary eyed, but because one of the members of our big board & a genuinely good person is gone & Tierra is somehow still around)

10:18pm ET: Sean and Desiree go on their 2nd one-on-one date & they are going to repel down the side of a mountain in Banff National Park. Best part of this date? The guide with the wicked Canadian accent, EY! I mean you can't get more stereotypical than that.

10:28pm ET: Oh, sorry… I feel asleep for a second, this date is BORING as hell folks. A picnic in a meadow, a teepee w/ a fire & guess what – a crap ton of making out. Blah, blah, blah… we finish each other's sentences, yada yada yada…. 

10:33pm ET: Desiree gets the rose and Sean admits he could see himself proposing to her at the end. Guess who has her as a 2/1 favorite? Ya, that's right it's our Oddsmaker (a.k.a. ME). That guy is a freaking genius I tell ya! 

10:39pm ET: The final cocktail party before the rose ceremony & we get Selma bringing out the forbidden kiss!! Shit's getting real, son! 

10:43pm ET: Lindsay plays the "I'm not going to kiss you tonight" card to try and get to know Sean in a conversation without kissing… not shocking is that it ended with them making out… STOP THE PRESSES FOLKS!

10:46pm ET: Sean's gonna take control of AshLee to show her she can let go and won't be hurt. Gonna really suck when she get's let down in the end, huh? Have to admit the blindfolded kiss move was smooth – gonna have to steal that one for  my own personal use for sure… Look out Daniella, you going home. Rose ceremony up next!

Roses: Catherine, Lesley M, Desiree, Lindsay, AshLee, Tierra

Gone: Sarah, Selma, Daniella

CBR's Oddsmakers Favorites: (Top 3 from here on out)

1. Desiree: 1/2

2. Tierra: 3/1

3. AshLee: 7/1

Outside Looking In: Lindsay: 10/1, Catherine: 25/1, Lesley M 50/1 

Next Week: With just six ladies left it's all getting real – real HOT as they are off to Saint Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Great – two hours of Sean without his shirt. Hopefully that means two hours of women in bikini's too…. Oh, and it's gonna be more tears and b.s. from Tierra – but Sean is "Crazy about her."


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