CBR’s The Bachelor Diary: Week 6


It's Island hoping time this week on The Bachelor, so grab your popcorn and beverages and get ready for another episode of "The Tierra Show" – St. Croix style!! 

Six ladies are left and the drama is only getting started for the ex-Kansas State linebacker Sean Lowe. Let's see how this tropical paradise can turn into a nightmare, huh?

Oh, and as if the drama wasn't enough in the house with the ladies, try stepping it up as this is the week where the ladies that are left get home town date's with Sean. Ya, kinda a big deal and all.

Let's just get right into the shirtless action… there's no use in hiding it this week, right ABC Producers?

8:02PM ET – O.k., I'm officially jealous as I sit here in dark, rainy, and dreary Wisconsin and they show the tropical and sun-soaked beaches… this episode is going to be really hard to watch because of that.

8:04PM ET – AshLee gets a one-on-one date with Sean.. Tierra's claws come out and she questions why AshLee, at 32, isn't already married and having kids… Yes, cause at 24 years old you've got the whole world and your life completely figured out already. GOD DO I HATE THAT GIRL!!

8:07PM ET – Sweet boat date, too bad the drama at the house keeps coming up. Seriously, look around you!! You're in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean. At least Sean brings it up and AshLee let's it all hang out there – calling Tierra "pouty-pants." Thankfully Sean believes it coming from AshLee and perhaps there's a glimmer of hope the witch can go away!! 

8:18PM ET: AshLee reveals her fears on how she feels other men would feel about her – he answers that one issue brilliantly & BOOM she seals up the rose that'll surely come at the end of the episode!! AshLee says she loves Sean at the top of her lungs to end the date as well, pretty much things are getting hot and heavy. Perhaps she needs to move up on our Oddsmakers lists?

8:25PM ET: Tierra and Sean on their own one-on-one date… Great, I can't wait for this drama queen to attempt to wrap Sean around her finger again. Shocking – shopping is one of her favorite things to do – said every gold-digging, self absorbed, spoiled girl in history.

8:30PM ET: Talk about self-absorbed… Can't get much more than the answer she gives to "If you could do it over again, would you do it differently?" – as she says, "No, these girls aren't going to be around much longer, you know?" Ya, I'm pretty sure that's not the answer Sean was looking for… Can she still warp his mind at the dinner portion of the date?

8:35PM ET: The three girl date is Catherine, Desiree, and Lindsay… Meaning the last one-on-one goes to Lesley M. Hooray, shots all around? 

What…. isn't that the only way to get through this thing? BTW, next season if we're doing this again I'm totally coming out with the official drinking game.

8:36PM ET: Magically, Tierra pulls the "I'm falling for you card" to attempt to save the date. She too says the L word. BOOM – Sean wrapped around her finger again.

8:42PM ET: Sean sneaks in to the ladies room to snap pics of them sans makeup – um, ya… creepy or oh wait, the start of their date!! Interesting to say the least.

8:44PM ET: Now this is some adventurous island exploring – GOAL: to make it from one side of the island to the other from sun up to sun down. That's what I call a good time. How else can you really say if a place is awesome or not if you only stick to the resort you're staying at, right? Not too mention being the first people in America to see the sun rise and sun set, right?

8:49PM ET: Talk about a date hog… geez Desiree – stealing one-on-one time, calling shotgun all the time. Smart move missy, smart move. That's why you're one of our odds on favorites in this competit… errr dating experiment to find true love. Money on her getting the rose on the end of the three-on-one date.

8:55PM ET: Lindsay pulling out the charm card, unfortunately there's a lot of competition and I'm just not feeling comfortable she's getting a rose at the end of this one – remember only four roses to be handed out. However, Sean seems to have a lot of feelings for her, is their relationship on a high enough level yet?

8:58PM ET: Boy, these ladies are really opening up, as Catherine gets her secret about her father not being in her life in person out in the open. This rose ceremony is going to be hella hard to pick you guys… AHHHH (o.k., sorry, that was just the Tierra drama left over). O.k., back to normal self.

9:03PM ET: Um, ya… not so shockingly my thoughts on Lindsay were dead wrong (feeling like my Crystal Ball picks most of the season here) as she gets the rose at the end of the three-on-one date. Just three ladies left to get roses and this isn't going to be easy at all. Come on team Desiree!!

9:09PM ET: It's Lesley's one-on-one date. This could be interesting because it's one of the lesser explored relationships so far this season. She's got some serious making up to do on this date. Well, telling him she loves her will do just the trick, right? But, can she actually get the words out… NOPE.

9:19PM ET: Sean's about to get his sister Shay involved & we have her to blame for this guy being on "The Bachelorette" and now this show… She tells him to watch for the ones that aren't as committed to him or have the best intentions either.

9:21PM ET: DING, DING, DING!!! Here comes the Tierra vs. AshLee drama!!!! Sit, back relax and enjoy – oh and finish your drink cause it's going to be a shit-show. Tierra thinks someone sabotaged her date, without thinking that Sean could've possibly asked about what was going on.

The Highlights – "Men Love Me" ~ Tierra…. "I hope if I'm 32 I'm married and not having to sit around with 20 year olds gossiping" ~ Tierra & the dramatic finger wave and walk off… CLASSIC!!

9:26PM ET: It's Tierra and Shay time…. Hell yes, you know what this means…. Cue up the band!!! See ya!!

9:33PM ET: Or not so fast….Ready for the Tierra pity-party once again? Here we go as she cries after AshLee tells her what's up. Poor girl thinks it's been hard on her and unfair because the girls are attacking her… Or could it be that you've been standoffish and mean the entire time?

9:39PM ET: Not going to meet Shay after all – she's an emotional wreck. HELL YA – CUE UP STEAM!!!! She is gone!!

9:42PM ET: "I can't believe he did this to me" – need I say anymore? All about you, right Tierra? Oh, it gets better… "I won't let anyone take my sparkle away." This girl can't be serious, right? Who does she think she is…. Nikki Manaj?

9:52PM ET: Sean pulls the ole switcheroo…. No cocktail party in store for the ladies as he's made up his mind. Dum, Dum, Dum…. DUM!!! AshLee is scared, 'cause Sean gave her the eye when talking about the drama in the house.

Roses: Lindsay (3-on-1 winner),  Desiree, Catherine, AshLee

Gone: Tierra, Lesley M.

CBR's Oddmakers Board:

1. Desiree – 1/2

2. AshLee – 3/1

3. Lindsay – 5/1

4. Catherine – 10/1

Next Week: HOMETOWN DATES!! Real people, real feelings – less "Hollywood" camera bullshit. Folks, it's getting real next week! Can't wait to see Lindsay's dad (the 2 star general) grilling Sean. This is going to be fun… Oh and apparently things go really, really south for Desiree as her brother goes nuts on Sean. Stay tuned for this one!!

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