CBS Sports makes deal with ESPN for American Athletic Conference games

Here’s the yawner of the day.

CBS Sports will broadcast American Athletic Conference football games starting in 2014. A deal was struck with ESPN as the World Wide Leader was more than happy to dump the conference that will be lacking any real big names by then.

CBS Sports did get some basketball in the deal, so that’s not bad as it will get Louisville and UConn this year.

According to a news release from CBS, “The deal provides for 30 men’s basketball games per year, except for the first year, which calls for 25 games. CBS Sports Network also will telecast a minimum of 13, and maximum of 15 football games beginning with the 2014 season.”

ESPN has a vast inventory of games to cover, and going with more SEC, ACC and Big 12 is much more attractive than some game between SMU and Temple on a Friday night.

Yet, that’s where the deal seems a bit off kilter for ESPN. The network has made college football a go-to product pretty much any day of the week — even if that means East Carolina vs. Tulane on Tuesday night.

ESPN will still broadcast some of these games, but it should be a sign that something more is coming with its future coverage.

The extra programming for CBS Sports, which you can find at Channel 221 on DirecTV, will actually improve its current selections — poker, volleyball and personality programs like the Tim Brando Show.

It’s not earth-shaking news, but anytime we get more college football to watch it’s not a bad day.