College Football Playoff reveals winning logo

The votes have been tabulated and the College Football Playoff officially has a new logo…



The winning log, as you can see above, is just a simple football design, with boomerang-looking edges and simple laces in the middle, with the words "College Football Playoff" sitting below it, with a clear emphasis on the word "Playoff." Obligatory. This was the second logo option to choose from, and it received considerable support once a potential hack in to the voting system was discovered.

We have had some fun at the expense of the College Football Playoff already, and we are not alone. Hackers in the state of Texas attempted to award the logo distinction to what was generally thought to be the worst possible option, so here we give credit to the committee involved with ensuring democracy would prevail.

We now have the basic pieces put in place. We have our destinations for the championship game in 2015 set and future assignments for semi-final games, and now we have the logo. All that is needed now is a sketch for putting together the selection committee, but do not expect this area to be put up to any sort of fan vote any time soon.


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