College football’s April fools on April Fools

April 1 brings with it a bunch of comedians and wanna be comedians. The college football world is no exception to this. Some stunts are carefully calculated, while others should have been left on the drawing board al together. And then there are those who just have fun with it on a whim, like Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema on Twitter today, the one-yera anniversary of Bobby Petrino's motorcycle accident.

Jim Tressel joins Hawaii coaching staff

From the state that is king of the hoaxes, a story was shared that suggested former Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel was being added to the coaching staff at Hawaii. The story was posted by the student newspaper but an untrained eye might have easily been tricked.

Houston's new logo

The folks at Houston had a little fun and went the extra mile by mocking up a football helmet with the supposed new logo on it (a fine Photoshop job). Again, to an untrained eye, this would come off as convincing as any, with a press release posted right on the athletics website at Houston with the image. The link also did very well through social media, as you can tell by the social share buttons on the athletics website.

Penn State players transferring

Penn State players still have the option of transferring to another program without penalty up until the first day of training cmap this summer as part of their ongoing NCAA sanctions. So on Sunday night star wide receiver Allen Robinson and running back Bill Belton each decided to put Nittany Lion fans on edge by posting a couple of tweets suggesting they had made some tough decisions.

Robinson's tweets have since been deleted, but The School Philly made sure to screen cap them while they were still available.

And you wonder why Bill O'Brien hates Twitter.

Western Kentucky joins Conference USA

Oh wait, that was real.

Big East to support FCS football

For a while Villanova had been reviewing the feasibility of moving up from the FCS to the FBS. But when the Catholic 7 decided to pack it up and leave, taking the Big East banner with them, the "new" Big East made the decision to support FCS football for their basketball schools. At least, that is the way Villanova blog VU Hoops scripted it for this New Years prank.

What did we miss?

There were probably a number of pranks out there today. Whcih one did we miss that you liked the best? Share yor favorites with a comment below.


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