Colorado D-Lineman & Frat Party equals bad mix

Stop me if you know the answer to this equation: Drunk football player + private Fraternity party =….

Yep, you guessed it, it equals football player going nuts, making a fool of himself, and landing him in some hot water with the police. It's a story as old as time and cheap beer on a college campus. 

According to a report out, Colorado reserve defensive lineman, Samson Kafovalu, was looking to continue his good night  out this past weekend when he stopped by the Kappa Sigma fraternity house hoping to attend the party going on there. Problem was, it was a private event with a guest list and his name wasn't on said guest list. 

What ensued is a laundry list of what not to do in that situation. First off Kafovalu is a freshman and clearly not of drinking age. Then he decided it was a good idea to try and force his way into the party (cause he's a big bad football player and all), only to be restrained by said security guards. Then during this process the drunk Kafovalu knocks over a brick wall outside the fraternity house. He then follows it up with an expletive laced verbal assault on the security guards topped off by the ever so smart "I'm going to (expletive) kill you."

It's like clockwork, every offseason we seem to hear about some stupid incident between a fraternity and a football player or players, but this one might be the dumbest in a while. Seriously, threatening to kill a bouncer because you couldn't get your Keystone Light or Natty Light on? 

Dude, I could understand if they were keeping you from getting your Yuengling or Fat Tire on – I mean at least that's quality beer – but crappy beer just ain't worth the trouble my man.

I'm sure we've all learned something from drinking far too much in college, but if you can't handle your cheap beer my suggestion is to stop your drinking all together.

This isn't the first and it won't be the last incident of this nature around college campuses, however the laundry list of charges just ain't worth it. He's facing charges of threatening bodily injury, trespassing, consumption of alcohol by a minor and use of fighting words, but was allowed to leave the scene after police were done with him.

Put that one up in the hall of fame of stupidity. Never mind the fact that making those kind of threats can land you some serious jail time and all. 

(photo courtesy USA Today Sports)

Here's hoping this kid learns from this one and never repeats it, but boy is this going to be a costly lesson.

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