Controversy already for new College Football Playoff?

Yesterday the less than inspired news of the new college football playoff name… you know, "College Football Playoff" was announced and then it was followed by a website launch and the introduction of a fan vote for the logo of the new College Football Playoff. While there wasn't much controversy in playing it safe with the name or the logos up for vote, it's taken less than 24 hours for controversy to strike.

That's right, someone actually has taken the time and the care to put together a hack and vote for the 4th option (the compass looking one). It's already given way to the conspiracy theory world too: 

O.k, so maybe not conspiracy theory world as much as simply awesome sarcasm, but seriously… Who the heck has time or the general care to want to put together something like this? Talk about someone or somebody's in need of a serious life, huh? 

So, how has this affected the all important voting? According to this tweet from McMurphy it appears they were simply able to eliminate the 50K worth of votes and that means there's a new (and my personal pick) leader: 

Beyond that, there's other news in the College Football Playoff realm – notice it's name is devoid of sponsorship? Well, according to reports the now named Chick-fil-A Bowl is likely to have to change it's name to the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl or something of that ilk – no matter what it likely won't be called just a corporate sponsorship name anymore. 

That's perhaps the best bit of news in the last 24 hour cycle regarding the College Football Playoff (lord is the capitalization of that name getting old, but I digress). As a fan I loved the Peach Bowl name and ever since it's change to the strictly Chick-fil-A name it's lost a bit of it's pervious luster – at least in my eyes. Perhaps that's because Chick-fil-A means jack and squat to most people up north of the Mason-Dixon line. Those restaurants aren't all that common up in these here parts of the country. 

No matter what happens from here on out in both the logo selection contest or the naming of the sixth bowl game, it's clear that controversy and the playoff are here to stay. Let's just hope it sticks to who makes it into the playoff and into the bowl games and not this off the field stuff going forward, huh?

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