Crystal Ball Run’s Helmet Madness Bracket!

We know, we know – you're all busy not doing work and studying your brackets for that office pool everyone is talking about all Monday morning – I know we all are as well. However, we've caught the fever of Madness here at CBR and for us that means taking college football and having some fun with it bracket style too. 

If you were with us last year, it was uniform bracket time for us and after nearly 10,000 votes for the finals our winner was the LSU Tigers. So, we couldn't come back with yet another uniform bracket…. Or could we? Nah, that would be too easy.

In 2013 we've decided to continue with the spirit of our first ever competition though and move on from the uniforms to the helmets! That's right the headgear is the thing this year and why not? Over the past few years there have been more and more headgear changes than tires at a NASCAR race. 

With that in mind we've picked the Top 16 helmets in college football (no Oregon in this one folks, they've got so many choices we could've done a whole different bracket on their helmets alone) and here are the rules:

We've divided the 16 teams up into 2 brackets of 8 (in honor of the loveable but clueless duo of Mark May and Lou Holtz). Each week throughout March Madness we'll pare each of the 8 teams down until the final two meet in an all out grudge match to see who's got the best helmet in college football (totally subjective and unscientific of course). We'll unveil the voting for the first set of brackets later today, but here are the 16 teams that will be competing for all the glory in our College Football Helmet Madness!

Mark May Bracket:

(1) Notre Dame      
(8) Rutgers      
(4) Florida      
(5) Florida State      
(3) Ohio State     May's Champion
(6) UCLA      
(2) LSU      
(7) Arizona State

Lou Holtz Bracket:

(1) Michigan      
(8) Air Force      
(4) Texas      
(5) Texas A&M      
(3) Alabama     Holtz's Champion
(6) Penn State      
(2) Georgia      
(7) Maryland

Voting will begin later today with the matchups in the Mark May Bracket, so get ready to vote for your favorite team, against your mortal enemy, or for who you really think has the best helmet!! Voting will be open for a few days in each bracket, so vote early & vote often!!

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