Power Rankings, Week 11

Florida State makes its move in the power rankings after a win over Miami. Photo: USA Today Sports

For the first time since we started keeping track of our own power rankings at the start of October, we have a chance in the top two. Alabama's strangle hold on first place is also starting to crack. With Alabama and Oregon both off this past weekend, Florida State took advantage of their win against Miami and has shaken things up a little bit in our weekly power rankings. But this race is still too close to call.

1. Alabama (85 points, 4 first-place votes)

Alabama is still sitting in a comfortable spot atop our weekly power rankings. Alabama has been on top in each of our power rankings thus far, and it still feels as though they will stay there until we are forced to remove them. The Crimson Tide only received four first-place votes, a season low for the Tide, but they appeared in second place on each of the remaining five ballots this week. This much we know, the staff has no doubt Alabama is one of the top two teams in the country. Alabama was off last week but hosts LSU this weekend.

2. Florida State (79 points, 3 first-place votes)

Florida State received more first-place votes than Oregon last week but still managed to come up a point shy of knocking Oregon out of second place in our rankings. Not the case this week. Florida State picked up three first-place votes after dominating Miami Saturday night. Doe this mean Florida State is clearly the new number two? Perhaps, although we will see how Florida State holds on to their standing after Oregon gets a chance to play a big game Thursday. Florida State was ranked no lower than third place in any of our ballots this week.

3. Oregon (76 points, 1 first-place vote)

The Ducks may have been knocked out of the top two, but they will have some opportunities to climb back up past Florida State. If Oregon can handle Stanford this week, they could easily move back up to number two, but Stanford is Oregon's biggest threat in the Pac 12 this season and they get the Ducks at home.

4. Ohio State (66 points, 1 first-place vote)

After two straight dominating performances in Big Ten play the Buckeyes managed to pick up a first-place vote this week. It is the first time in our power rankings Ohio Sate has managed to earn a first-place vote. That vote side, Ohio State was a unanimous selection for fourth place in our ballots this week, cementing the Buckeyes in fourth place once again. Ohio State is 10 points behind Oregon and 12 points ahead of Baylor, so it seems Ohio State is locked in at this position until they get some help in the SEC, Pac 12 or ACC.

5. Baylor (54 points)

Baylor is also pretty much locked in to their position in our power rankings this week. Baylor is 12 points behind Ohio State and 10 points ahead of Stanford and the Bears were ranked fifth on all but one ballot this week (and ranked sixth on that other ballot). Let's see what Baylor does with a back-loaded schedule starting Thursday against Oklahoma.

6. Stanford (44 points)

Stanford continues to be our most respected one-loss team in the power rankings. The Cardinal remain in sixth place this week and it is not even close when stacking up the one-loss teams in our rankings. Stanford hosts Oregon this week, which gives the Cardinal a chance to start jumping undefeated teams ranked ahead of them in next week's power rankings if they can beat the Ducks.

7. Auburn (23 points)

Auburn jumps up two spots in this week's power rankings. The Tigers debuted at ninth in our polls last week and are now starting to look like the biggest threat to Alabama before the SEC Championship. Gus Malzahn has emerged as a coach of the year candidate so let's see if Auburn can keep this rolling at Tennessee this weekend.

8. Clemson (22 points)

If not for being absolutely shredded by Florida State, an argument could be made for Clemson being ranked higher in our power rankings, perhaps even rivaling Stanford for the title of "best one-loss team." Clemson is coming off another blowout win since their blowout loss and now gets their next two games at home before visiting South Carolina. Clemson is off this week but hosts Georgia Tech the next Thursday night.

9. Missouri (19 points)

Missouri moves up a spot in this week's rankings after dominating Tennessee 31-7 last weekend. The Missouri Tigers are one step closer to playing for the SEC Championship and a double overtime loss away from a perfect season. Missouri is not going anywhere just yet.

10. Oklahoma (11 points)

Oklahoma drops two spots in this week's rankings despite being off last week. The Sooners can rocket back up the rankings with a win at Baylor Thursday night, and could take over the role of best one-loss team if they can pull it off (and if Stanford loses to Oregon). 

Others Receiving Votes (points): Oklahoma State (7), Fresno State (3), Michigan State (3), Northern Illinois (2), LSU (1), South Carolina (1)

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