Does Johnny Football win at everything?

Johnny Manziel is the type of guy who goes to the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada and the “ladies” offer him the goods for free.

Manziel, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and fresh off leading Texas A&M to a molesting of Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl, tweeted the above photo of himself with friends at a casino in Oklahoma with a big wad of cash.

Like he needs more money.

Before everyone starts chanting for an NCAA inquiry, apparently this casino is legal for anyone 18 or older to do a little gambling. Of course, Manziel is flirting with disaster and definitely raising a few red flags with the NCAA.

There were already some questions raised when he was spotted courtside for an NBA game between the Heat and Mavericks.

It could be an interesting off-season for Manziel.

We saw how gifted Johnny Football is on the field. Now we’re starting to witness that he’s good at anything he touches.

Hey Johnny, any tips for Monday’s game between Alabama and Notre Dame?