Florida State, 2012 SEC champions. Wait, huh?

Conference realignment has led to some interesting conference musical chairs for a bunch of programs, but last we checked Florida State was still in the ACC despite hot rumors at times sending the Noles off to the Big 12 with Clemson. Whatever happened to that? Perhaps some jeweler got confused when crafting the ACC Championship Ring for Florida State offensive tackle Menelik Watson, who can now claim to be the only Florida State player to win an SEC Championship.



As you can see in the original tweet, and as highlighted below, Watson's ACC championship ring actually reads SEC instead of ACC. The trophy pictured is the ACC championship trophy at least, and everything else on the ring looks to be accurate.

Florida State was actually 0-1 against SEC opponents in 2012, with a punch-in-the-stomach-loss to the rival Florida Gators. We would give the jeweler a pass for thinking he was crafting the SEC championship rings for a Florida Gator, but there is a pretty significant issue with that. Florida did not play in the SEC Championship Game. And even if they did play in the game, they would not have played Georgia Tech, or Georgia for that matter.

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