Gator linebacker gets in to verbal exchange with a dog, suspended at least two games

People love dogs. We have laws that punish those who abuse them physically, and apparently there are laws to protect some from verbal assaults. At least in Florida they do for dogs with a badge. Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison was arrested overnight for barking at a police dog, a form of intimidation against a member of the law enforcement in Gainesville.

This is certainly a new one for most of us.The official boking information report says Morrison was taken in for harassing, teasing or interfering with a service animal. What Morrison was doing barking at a police dog remains unclear, but what would compel someone to do this? Was the police dog not there with a uniformed officer? Was it just a joke for Morrison to bark at a dog? There has to be more to this story right?

Oh, there is more. The dog's name is Bear, according to multiple reports surfacing on Twitter this morning. Alabama fans are having an extra laugh at this.

On a more serious note, Morrison reportedly approached a police car and began barking at the dog. Did he not think this was a bad idea? Police attempted to detain Morrison but he resisted arrest, another solid move.

There is no word yet on what this means for the Gators linebacker, who has been in trouble with the law before. But let this be a lesson to college football players everywhere. Barking at police dogs is a no-no.

Georgia fans will be sure to remember this story when the Bulldogs meet the Gators in Jacksonville later this fall. If not, we will be disappointed.

UPDATE (12:06 p.m. ET): Florida head coach Will Muschamp has announced Morrison will be suspended for at least two games.

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