Georgia kicker tagged for BUI

Add kicker to Mark Richt's list of summer headaches. (Photo courtesy: USA Today Sports)

DUIs and DWIs are commonplace in the parlance of off-the-field trouble in college football. BUIs? Not so much.

Yet, in possibly the most SEC of offseason indiscretions, Georgia kicker Marshall Morgan was arrested last weekend by state authorities on charges of boating under the influence.

Apparently, the 19-year-old sophomore was swept up in the dragnet of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Operation Dry Water initiative, an annual campaign to curb drunk boating.

It sounds as though there may be some wiggle room in Georgia's notoriously steadfast personal conduct policies for Morgan to get some leniency in this case. Don't be surprised if the Bulldogs find themselves going to the well for a back-up kicker in their season opener against Clemson, though.