Georgia’s Ray Drew ejected in worst “targeting” call of the season

The NCAA's new "targeting" rule has come under fire since it started this season. In today's action, the noon games saw three early targeting calls. The worst was this one against Georgia's Ray Drew… 

The play by Ray Drew is a borderline "roughing the passer" call at best. The rule was put into place for player safety and that's understandable. The refs have been told to call the penalty if in doubt but they also put checks and balances in place for the instant replay official to overturn the call if it was made in error. Those checks and balances failed in this instance.

Here's what the Vice-President of Officiating of the NFL said about the call…

There is little doubt that something needs to be done about the way these calls are being made.

Game ball to @corkgaines for the gif.

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