Indiana Hoosiers dunk contest is not what you might expect

It is probably safe to say that we all recognize Indiana as a basketball school. The Hoosiers have built a long-standing rich tradition when it comes to college hoops. Bobby Knight helped build Indiana basketball to what it continues to be to this day as they have resurfaced as a Big Ten power. It's OK for a college football blog to recognize the Hoosiers at a basketball school.

Apparently it is also OK for Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson to recognize the basketball tradition in Bloomington.

Looking to show off the improved athleticism of the Indiana football program, Wilson had his football players participate in a dunk contest, and some of these guys have some jam skills. the football Hoosiers may not be quite the sensation Florida Gulf Coast is, but it's also not everyday we see big football players showing off their hops and dunks on camera. Thankfully, Indiana thought it would be a good idea to share this fun with the Internet.

You can check out the highlights with this video here, and then check out the individual player videos after the jump.



Cody Latimer, Wide Receiver (6'-3", 215 lb)

Tre Roberson, Quarterback (6'-0", 200 lb)

Sean Damaska, Tight End (6'-7", 228 lb)

Duwyce Wilson, Wide Receiver (6'-3" 203 lb)

Jason Spriggs, Offensive Tackle (6'-7" 280 lb)

Stephen Houston, Running Back (6'-0" 225 lb)

Kofi Hughes, Wide Receiver (6'2" 215 lb)

So, who do you think took the top billing based on these videos?

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