Johnny Football’s amazing offseason adventures continue

First pitch this…. Manziel's Amazing Offseason Adventures continue!
(Photo courtesy USA Today Sports)

Oh, to be Johnny Football. Seriously, this is stuff every high school quarterback only dreams of. It's safe to say this has been perhaps the best and most public victory lap since the king of living it up, Paul Horning, won the Heisman Trophy. We've seen him throw out first pitches, hob-nob with celebs all over the place, sit court side at a Spurs game and well… that's just the tip of the iceberg folks. 

Today, his great adventure continues as he makes his music video acting debut alongside former A&M teammate Ryan Swope in country music artist Granger Smith's video for Silverado Bench Seat. 

How did Manziel and Swope get this gig? Well, it helps that Smith happens to be a massive Aggies fan, even recording a little ditty known as We Bleed Maroon

Nothing like doing a solid for a fan while also putting your name out there in the acting world. Seriously, is there anything this guy hasn't done this offseason? 

If so, we sure as heck look forward to seeing what's next before the season starts.

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