Johnny Manziel has mastered Twitter

He doesn't get on it often, but when he does, Johnny Manziel is a Twitter expert. After a weekend partying in Austin and being thrown out of a frat party or two, the over-covered Texas A&M QB took to Twitter to say a few inspirational things and respond to a few disparaging comments. His instincts on the field pale in comparison to those on Twitter. He's always been a good scrambler. Also, can we give the man some credit for spelling most of his words correctly and using the correct version of "you're"? Is that too much to ask?


That is probably in response to his partying and off-the-field behavior this summer, saying that a successful football season is all that matters. This tweet opened up the floodgates. Here are a few of his interactions:




And this was the best response of the binge tweeting, by leaps and bounds.


The always interesting Manziel signed off after only tweeting for an hour or so with a thank you to all of his fans. Yes, this can also be seen as a slow news day. Real-life, on-the-field college football starts in about a month.


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