Johnny Manziel’s off-season was better than your’s

The rise to stardom of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel has been quite the ride. The day his shirtless mugshot made the rounds around the internet last summer feels like it happened ages ago. That is what happens when you lead your team to a surprisingly successful debut seaosn in the SEC on your way to a Heisman Trophy nobody could have possibly predicted before the start of the season.

We have followed Johnny Manziel every step of the way this off-season and thanks to the age of social media we live in it has been pretty easy to soak in the off-season activities of Manziel. With time still to spare before spring football starts up in College Station and a summer of fun surely ahead of us we wonder if the past couple of months have been just a tease for what is still to come before the first kickoff in 2013.

We have compiled a sort of photo diary of Manziel's off-seaosn just to illustrate how much better his off-seaosn has been compared to your's. View it after the jump…

Johnny Manziel had a better off-season than you

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel rocked the college football world in 2012, becoming the first (redshirt) freshman to win the Heisman Trophy in the first year in the SEC for the Aggies. With his celebrity profile escalating quickly, Manziel had a fun off-season. Here’s a recap, from what we know

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Happy New Year!! ❤The Manziel Familymerimanziel
Johnny Manziel got a chance to do a Heisman pose with Houston Rockets star James Harden.
Johnny Manziel hangs with James HardenAs the old saying goes: It’s good to be a Heisman Trophy winner. Ok, so maybe that isn’t an old saying at all. But in terms of the Heisma…
Manziel caused a stir when he and some friends went to a casino, apparently won some cash and flashed it for the cameras. Don’t worry, it all checked out.
Casino ballin!jmanziel2
From there it seemed we were in for a wild off-season tour for the Heisman Trophy winning Aggie.

Manziel popped up at all sorts of sporting events after Texas A&M’s season drew to a close. Manziel met up with Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson…
@ajohnson1500 and my boy @unclenatefitch always a good timejmanziel2
Manziel also took in some NBA basketball and smiled with Los Angeles Clippers star Chris Paul…
Good talking to Chris Paul last night at the game! #bigfan reppin that #OVO as welljmanziel2
Manziel also took some time to do some trick shots with Dude Perfect. It was pretty awesome.
Johnny Football Edition | Dude Perfectcorycotton
Johnny Manziel Trick Shot VideoWell since the season ended, it’s been well documented how much fun Manziel has had away from the field. However thankfully, it appears h…
Johnny Manziel caught up with former Texas A&M star Von Miller over Super Bowl weekend…
Nothing but aggie love with my brother @millerlite40jmanziel2
…then Manziel hung out with New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.
Terrell Owens was there too…
Last night with the man TO and @unclenatefitchjmanziel2
Hanging out with football stars is one thing, but Manziel has become a rock star. So it is only natural to see Manziel hanging out with musicians too. For starters, there was the Dynasty Brothers in New Orleans…
NOLA with the dynasty brothersjmanziel2
And Wale…
S/O to my man @walemmg the man kills it!jmanziel2
It was at a Wale concert that this image caused a mild stir for some thinking Manziel was giving  shout-out to the Texas Longhorns…
Here is a photo of Johnny Manziel throwing out aFacebook
Mardi Gras? Oh, you know Johnny Manziel took part in that while in New Orleans…
The Johnny Football party doesn’t stopA week after living it up at the Super Bowl in New Orleans, Johnny Manziel decided to stick around for the city’s signature event. Mardi …
Spring football is just around the corner for Texas A&M but there is still time for Manziel to have some fun, right? And what adventures await Manziel this summer?

We can hardly wait to find out.
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