Video: Johnny Manziel takes BP at Padres game. Continues to be good at everything

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It’s only 10:30 a.m., but we’re already a bit late to the game in the latest chapter of “Where in the World is Johnny Football.” After Manziel has spent his off-season traversing the globe, with pit-stops along the way at a casino (18+ of course!), numerous NBA and NFL games, and a soon-to-be bromantic getaway with A.J. McCarron, Manziel decided to turn his attention to baseball.

That’s because on Thursday night Manziel hit the diamond to take some batting practice and throw out the first pitch of the Padres game against the Nationals.

Not a bad way to get the weekend kicked off?

Except because he’s Johnny Manziel, he took his appearance at Petco Park to extremes that you and I could never hope to reach, and addition to throwing out a pretty bad-ass first pitch (which in-turn was a re-creation of a first quarter touchdown pass he threw against Alabama last season), Manziel also took batting practice…where he proceeded to hit a home run straight into the left field stands of Petco Park.

Of course Johnny Manziel hit a home run into the left field stands of Petco Park.

You know why?

Because he’s Johnny Manziel. And Johnny Manziel’s sole purpose in life is to make you feel inferior to him in every way conceivable. In addition to football, girls, golf and life in general, apparently Manziel is also better than you at baseball.

Unfortunately, that’s just a reality all of us have to deal with.

The other reality we have to deal with, is that whether we want to admit it or not, this is Johnny Manziel’s world. And we’re all just lucky enough to be living in it.

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