Johnny Manziel Trick Shot Video

Over the past few years, its safe to say that the “trick shot” phenomenon has taken the college football world and internet by storm. Former UConn Husky Johnny McEntee made the practice popular, and since then about a million other imitators have followed.

However, in the current world of college football there is one man who has no imitators: Johnny ‘Football’ Manziel. The 20-year-old Texas A&M quarterback took the sport by storm this past fall winning the Heisman Trophy, and leaving a wake of overmatched defenders and defensive coordinators in his path of destruction.

Well since the season ended, it’s been well documented how much fun Manziel has had away from the field. However thankfully, it appears he returned to the field this week… to shoot a trick shot video of his own.

Now, how much of this video is actually legit? Who’s to say? At the same time, who’s to question anything Johnny Football does at this point.

Besides, it’s the college football off-season. What else do you have going on?

(Thanks to the guys at 'Dude Perfect' for the tip)

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