Joker Phillips remains Instagram’s weirdest college football coach

Say this about Joker Phillips: The man is creative.

The former Kentucky head coach turned Florida assistant has created quite a buzz in social media circles lately with his imaginative use of Instagram, and all its wonderful picture cropping/editing/altering features. To his credit, Phillips might’ve actually caused a bigger stir in three weeks with his Instagram account, than he did in three years as the head man in Lexington.  

Regardless, all the buzz started a few weeks ago when Phillips first released a picture of the late Heath Ledger dressed as “The Joker” in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ (see what Phillips did there?).

The picture also featured the caption:

“Ooohh. You Want to Play. Come On!”

The move was clearly an ode to Ledger and an insult to punctuation (where’s the question mark, Joker?), as well as a quick and easy way to drum up some recruiting interest in Florida. It certainly did that; just about everyone was talking, tweeting and blogging about this newfound, softer, more interesting side of Phillips that has apparently always been there, ready to be unleashed.

Well, that was only the tip of the iceberg for Joker, who was at it a few days later when he showed off further Instagram skills, by putting together this snazzy little pic of the “Joker Phillips Elite Air Force Academy.” While we’re a bit unfamiliar with the group, a little bit of internet research uncovers that this group apparently lost its government accreditation six months ago, making them ineligible to compete for next year’s Commander-In-Chiefs Trophy (yes, we’re joking on all fronts).

And finally we come full-circle, with Phillips’ latest assault on our senses courtesy of the picture above. You probably recognize the face as that of Jack Nicholson’s, who, umm, apparently wants you to #ComePlayForJoker. Or something.

The picture has again caused quite a buzz and led to two very interesting follow-up questions:

1. When does Joker actually have time to, you know, coach football?

2. More importantly, where was all this creativity when he was at Kentucky?  

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