Kentucky Outdoes Ole MIss in latest SEC recruiting battle?

Just over a month ago we featured a story on an Ole Miss recruit that received 54 letters in one day from the Rebels. If you thought that was crazy, well welcome to the world of SEC recruiting where everything has to be bigger and badder and apparently that includes the race to send out recruiting letters. 

On Monday reports surfaced of 2014 QB prospect Drew Barker receiving…. 115 handwritten letters….. from Kentucky. Yes, you read that right, ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN handwritten letters from KENTUCKY. Perhaps things have jumped the shark just a bit if it's coming down to who can take the time to write and send out the most hand written letters to a potential recruit. 

Remember when the NCAA wanted to just allow willy-nilly written communications to recruits? Remember when the Big Ten made a big stink about it saying that it would add ridiculous costs, time, and wastes of time for the student-athlete involved in recruiting? 

The naysayers said it was just an old fuddy-duddy, out of touch conference complaining to stop the SEC juggernaut. Well, perhaps that old fuddy-duddy conference had a point after all. At what point is it too much? I get that you want a kid to remember your school and all that, but if we've just gone from 54 letters to 115 letters for players in under a month you have to wonder what's next?

Perhaps next month we'll hear about our firs recruit topping the 500 letter mark? Who knows….

But what we do know is that apparently the newest recruiting war in the SEC has moved from the facilities you can splash the cash on to who can send out the most letters to one recruit in a day! Congrats SEC, you've managed to outdo yourself once again… Take a bow.

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