Kevin Sumlin shows up at WWE Event

It’s hard to argue that anyone in college football is having a better off-season than Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. However, if there is someone who could make that case for the No. 2 spot, it might be Manziel’s head coach, Kevin Sumlin.

In just one short season at A&M, Sumlin has become a legitimate superstar in and around College Station, something that was on display Sunday night at a WWE event which happened to roll through town. There, Sumlin not only showed up, but also showed out when he was given an honorary championship belt by wrestler Albert Del Rio.

Why Sumlin did Sumlin get a belt? Well, who knows really? But apparently, these are just the perks which come with being an SEC head coach.

Of course what was even cooler was that Sumlin got into the wrestling shtick, first by raising the belt above his head to the adoring fans, something which of course made the arena go wild, but also something which made Del Rio’s opponent The Big Show none too happy. That’s because after the cheers came down for Sumlin, the Big Show emerged from the foggy abyss, where he took the mic and called Sumlin.

“Just because you’re some kind of football coach, at a second rate university…” before his comments were overwhelmed by the crowd’s boos.

Man, that hurts and might very well be the worst low blow thrown Sumlin’s way since Will Muschamp took a couple cheat shots at College Station last spring. Sumlin took the blow in stride though, and exited stage left, when Del Rio and The Big Show squared off for their match.

Of course, there was one great thing about the awesome video above, which was provided by the @AggieFootball Twitter handle and shared with us by our friends at

What’s so awesome?

Well how about the fact that after booing The Big Show, A&M fans then broke out into an “S-E-C!!” chant.

Apparently, they’re not just for football games anymore.

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