Les Miles son throws high school no-hitter

(Photo Courtesy: USA Today)

Admittedly, Crystal Ball Run isn’t normally a source of late-breaking high school baseball news, but then again there’s nothing normal about Louisiana high school pitcher Manny Miles.

For one, the sophomore from University High School in Baton Rouge is an emerging star, and on Friday night threw his second no-hitter of the 2013 season in a 12-1 victory over Cavalry Baptist High School.

However the real story wasn’t Manny Miles, so much as the presence of his father in the stands, a man known to the college football world simply as “The Mad Hatter.” That man is of course LSU head football coach Les Miles, who was in attendance to see his son’s performance on Friday night.

And if Miles’ reaction on Twitter is any indication, well, he seems to be one proud papa.


Safe to say that this is a bit of a touching story between father and son, even if it did technically come on a weekend that is usually reserved for the love between mothers and their children. The tweets also prove what a special moment it was for a father who only got to attend three of his son’s games all season, in large part because of the time commitments of his job. Les was actually stuck at LSU spring practice when Manny threw his first no-hitter of this season earlier in the year.  

It was also special for Manny, who told reporters just how important the presence of his entire family (including Les) was to him on Friday.

“I love having my family behind me. They’re my biggest supporters. They’ve been there for me when I’ve had bad years and when I’ve had good years. They’re always there.”

Those were incredibly eloquent words, from someone who still has two years left in high school.

It’s also pretty clear that while Manny may have gotten his athletic skills from dad (an ex-Michigan offensive lineman), he undoubtedly got his public speaking skills from his mother.

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