Manziel blames dead cell phone for issues at Manning Passing Academy

Johnny Football made it through one camp as instructor, too bad it wasn't two
(Photo Courtesy: USA Today Sports)

Earlier this week reports via the four letter network indicated that Johnny Manziel was told to tell the truth and nothing but the truth while facing the coming media storm following his dismissal from the Manning Passing Academy. So naturally, Manziel followed that advice, well sort of. 

Ahhh, yes, the old "my cell phone died and my alarm didn't go off" excuse. What's next, the old "my dog ate my homework" trick when he fails to produce a paper at his next class or fails to send an e-mail with the document attached in time for his online class? 

Is there some truth to what Manziel said on Wednesday at SEC Media Days, no doubt, but we're guessing it probably went more along these lines:

Manziel went out and painted the town with friends and fellow camp counselors, returned back to wherever it was that he was staying, plopped on his bed and passed the hell out. Thus forgetting to even plug his phone in to charge and killing the battery in the process. 

Unfortunately for him today he failed to just come out and be one-hundred percent honest. Most Americans and for sure most sports fans appreciate honesty in their stars and in the people that kids look up to. No one is perfect, but what's the harm in just admitting to what took place the night before and leave it at that. Chalk it up to a stupid decision that you will learn from and then go on about proving you mean what you say.

Look, no one should tell Manziel how to live his life, he is a grown ass man and he can do what he wants, but at some point those choices come with consequences and however unfair he may see it, he's a Heisman Trophy winner at a school rabid for it's football team. Every move he makes, every step he takes, the whole Aggie world and beyond is watching him (and yes, I did just go all The Police on you there – you young kids look it up on YouTube they're one hell of a band and this guy Sting, I hear he's a hell of a singer in his own right).

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