Moms Gone Wild Vol. II: FSU Recruit wanted to go to USC

‘Tis the season… for mother’s across the nation to alter their son’s futures, apparently.

That’s right, one week after the Alex Collins fiasco down in South Florida, we’ve got another case of Mom’s Gone Wild, courtesy of another top-flight recruit.

This one’s name is Matthew Thomas, and for those of you who don’t follow recruiting, Thomas is a five-star linebacker who signed with Florida State last week. The news was a bit surprising, since for a big part of his recruitment Thomas was believed to a heavy USC lean, thanks to his heavy ties with Trojans Sun Belt recruiting wonder, Tee Martin. Many also thought Miami was also a player for the 6’3, 205 lb. Thomas as well.

In the end though, Thomas chose Florida State and that was thought to be the end of it.

Until today anyway, when Thomas revealed that he didn’t actually choose the Seminoles at all, but that it was his mother who chose Jimbo Fisher’s crew. You see, Thomas wanted to go to USC, but his mother refused to sign the paperwork to allow him to go to Troy. So he elected to go Tallahassee instead.

Here is an excerpt of Thomas’ interview, which Thomas conducted with’s Josh Newberg and originally shared with us via our buddies at CollegeFootballTalk:

Josh Newberg: At what point did you know you were going to sign with Florida State?
Matthew Thomas: Well I decided that morning (Signing Day). The night before I was honestly thinking USC. I was trying to get the LOI and everything ready and signed first. But my mom didn't want to sign it. She didn't want me to go to USC.

JN: So if your mom would have signed the papers you’d be a Trojan right now?
MT: Yeah, I would have been a Trojan.

JN: Are you upset about that?
MT: No I think everything works out how it’s supposed to. I’m going to make the best of my situation. It’s not like I’m unhappy, I really like Florida State. It’s not a problem, I’m happy with my decision.

So there you have it, another case of another recruit being swayed by an overzealous mom. It’s happened before this year, happened with Alex Collins, now Thomas and will happen again in the future.

As Ole Miss assistant coach Terry McGriff said in this brilliant column by Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples:

"Regardless of what anyone says," McGriff said, "a kid is never going to disappoint his mother."

That was certainly the case with Thomas.

Apparently momma knows best after all.

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