Memphis Football: Where the punter ends up on the media guide cover

It’s no secret that the last few years have been lean times for the Memphis Tigers football program. That tends to happen when a school is coming off a 4-8 season, which just so happens to mark their best record in five years. Overall, the Tigers are 9-39 since the beginning of 2009, and have just one bowl win since December of 2003.

That’s definitely not good, but definitely not as bad as the new low that Memphis football hit on Wednesday morning.

That low?

Well, in an attempt to get fans excited for the impending 2013 season, Memphis released its media guide, and right there, smack-dab on the cover is…punter Tom Hornsey?

Oh, that happened and it also speaks volumes to the state of the Memphis football program right now. After all, the media guide is supposed to feature the team’s best player and represent all that is hopeful for the season ahead. It’s supposed to be about the Heisman Trophy contender at quarterback, the 1,000-yard rusher, the Lombardi Award candidate on defense.  

Memphis clearly has none of those things entering the season, but still… the punter? I mean, what message are is the program trying to send their fans?

“The 2013 season… where we might not win games, but we will win the field position battle, dammit!”

Now in the school’s defense, the simple truth is that Hornsey might in fact be the team’s most accomplished returning player this upcoming fall. He enters his senior year as the program’s all-time leader in punts and punt yardage, facts that are impressive.

Then again they’re also facts that kinda, sorta tell you everything you need to know about the Memphis football program right now.
Simply put, Memphis is a program that is forced to punt, and punt a lot.

Don’t expect much to change this fall.

Don’t expect fans to be excited to show up to the stadium to watch this team either.

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