Michigan AD plays a little ‘catfish’

Apparently, a Michigan Man like AD Dave Brandon doesn’t think highly enough of today’s Michigan Men to be a classy and considerate connoisseurs of the Internet.

He clearly doesn’t want the Wolverines to have a Manti Te’o situation on their hands in the future, so the clever-thinking Brandon pulled his own “catfish” on the Michigan athletes.

Do you think he can an impersonate a woman?

According to CBS Sports, Brandon told a group in Toledo, Ohio, on Friday that his department “hired two outside consulting firms to monitor the online activity of Wolverine athletes.”

Why? Well, the former Domino’s Pizza CEO knows a thing or two about protecting the brand. So it was all about minimizing an future risks and getting a better grasp of what some players might say or do in the tricky world of the interwebs.

The Toledo Blade states:

One of the two consulting groups – neither whom Brandon identified – utilized a young, attractive woman to go online and contact student-athletes.

Did anyone take the bait? Some of them did, and established contact online with her.

The unnamed woman turned over to athletic department officials posts and comments that were made to her, and the names of student-athletes. During a presentation to Michigan's student-athletes regarding social media awareness, the athletic department introduced the woman to the student athletes.

Needless to say, Brandon was not pleased with what he learned. Well, if you thought he was surprised, you can imagine how the players felt when they realized they weren’t exactly speaking to the foxy lady they assumed was on the other end of the correspondences.

While this feels a bit creepy and slimy, it’s also a good lesson is finding digital love. You would think the typical college athlete, especially a football player at Michigan, would have no trouble at all finding a little companionship on campus or even from an Ann Arbor townie.

I guess I’m just old school and would rather sleep with the fat chick and realize it the next morning when I wake up. But that’s just me.